Dan Grilley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, General Chemistry, Biochemistry

Dan Grilley photo

Dr. Grilley joined the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department in 2011

Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, 2005-2011
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Biophysics, 2005
B.A., St. Olaf College, Physics, 1998

Teaching Specialties
Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioinformatics

Research Interests
The goal of my research is to understand in mechanistic detail how the chemical properties of DNA affect its structure and thus its function inside of living cells. Specifically, my research focuses on two related problems, how do the chemical properties of DNA affect its stiffness, and how does that stiffness affect how DNA is compacted to fit inside a cell. Students interested in doing research at the interface of chemistry, biology, and physics are encouraged to contact me.


Dan Grilley
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
4028 Cowley Hall
(608) 785-5278