Angela's Lesson Plans
Theme: Spring



Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


Spring brings many changes.  Trees start to bud in the spring.

Spring by Sian Smith

“I’m a Little Seed”

“From Seed to Plant”

We will walk to our tree today to see how it has changed since our last visit.  We’ll look for springtime changes on our way there and back.


April showers bring May flowers!  Flowers start as seeds or bulbs.  They need sun, water, and soil to grow.

Plants in Spring by Martha Rustad

“Five Little Seeds”

“Plant Parts”

We will work together as a large group to plant different seeds and then we will see which ones grow. We will get a chance to lace flower necklaces today.


It often gets very windy in the spring.

Weather in Spring by Martha Rustad


We will use a box fan to see what items we can get to blow in the wind.


People start planting vegetable gardens in the spring.  Vegetables start as seeds.  They need sunlight, water, and good soil to grow.

The Surprise Garden

 “Vegetable Garden”

We will plant squash seeds that will later be transplanted to the Campus Child Center garden.


When spring arrives we see a lot of rain.  We need rain to help plants grow.  We wear special clothes to keep us dry in the rain.

“It’s Raining, It’s Pouring”

Rain by Robert Kalan

We will drop water on a umbrella and some clothing to see what happens.

We will make it rain in the water table using colanders, PCV pipes, and scoops.

Changes to the Environment

The dramatic play area will feature a flower shop. For art we will color on coffee filters with markers and spray them with water.  For sensory play we plant vegetables in potting soil.  We’ll use the unit blocks and baby animals for construction play.  For small motor play we will be able to sort beans into muffin tins and we’ll do some puddle jumping for large motor play.