Kate’s Lesson Plans
Theme: String



Songs, Books, and Stories

Special Activities


String can be used to hold things together.

Hugo and the Really, Really, Really Long String

We will decorate hot air balloons today.


Strings may keep things from flying away.

A Long Piece of String

We will play a kite and string number game and cut string to make yarn butterflies.


String can be used for decorations.

No Roses for Harry!

We will make wind chimes and string colorful pasta.


String (yarn or thread) may be used for sewing, knitting, or weaving.

Three Little Kittens

We will use lacing cards to practice our sewing skills.


String can be a part of games, toys, or crafts.

“Wrap Myself in Paper”

Today we will paint with string.

Changes to the Environment

The dramatic play area will feature a laundry area with a clothesline. For art and sensory play we will dip string into glue, put it onto paper and feel the difference between it when it is wet and when it is dry.  Once it’s dry, we’ll paint on it!  For construction play we will construct a large maze using string.  For small motor play we will weave with string.  For large motor play we’ll dance with ribbons.

Special Notes

We will eat a string cheese snack this week!