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Clinical Microbiology (MS)

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  • About Clinical Microbiology (MS)

    - Approximately 25% of all deaths worldwide are due to infectious diseases, and in some countries this number approaches 50%.

    - New infectious diseases, such as HIV and SARS, are continually emerging and old diseases such as tuberculosis are re-emerging.

    - Across the globe infectious diseases account for greater than 60% of the deaths of children less than four years of age.

    - Governments are spending billions to combat the threat of bioterrorism.

    Since Clinical Microbiology concerns microbiological aspects of human and animal infection by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa, all of the above statements represent areas of great concern to the field of Clinical Microbiology.

    Of primary interest to the field of Clinical Microbiology are the topics of diagnosis and epidemiology of infectious disease, the life cycles and behaviors of infectious agents, and the interactions of infectious agents with the immune system. 

    The Clinical Microbiology Masters of Science Program at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse offers unique and specialized training in the fight to control infectious disease. It is a collaborative program involving UW-La Crosse, Gundersen Health System, Marshfield Clinic and the Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene.  Advanced microbiology course work and clinical laboratory rotations prepare students for careers in Clinical Microbiology. Students who complete the program are eligible to secure Specialist Microbiologist (SM-AAM) certification from the American Academy of Microbiology. Course work is at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and the clinical laboratory rotations are conducted at:

    • Gundersen Health System - Clinical Microbiology-Practicum I - 8 weeks (La Crosse, WI)
    • Marshfield Laboratories/St. Joseph's Hospital - Clinical Microbiology-Practicum II - 6 weeks (Marshfield, WI)
    • Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene – Clinical Microbiology-Practicum III - 2 weeks (Madison, WI)

    The combination of classroom education, clinical rotations and research experience will prepare students for a wide variety of career opportunities.