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  • Executive committee

    Election for Officers is held at the Spring Annual Meeting. Anyone wishing to be nominated for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or Historian should let a member of the Executive Committee know so your name can be placed on nomination paperwork.

    Executive Committee:

    • Jan Olson,  President
    • Sally Olson,  Vice President
    • Catherine Kinyon,  Secretary
    • Bob Perlock,  Treasurer
    • Cece Caron,  Historian
    • Sandy Sechrest,  Chair, Curriculum Committee
    • Jane Treglowne,  Chair, Promotion/Membership Committee
    • Ron Rick,  Past President

    Curriculum Committee:

    • Burt Altman
    • Richard Frost
    • George Hammond
    • Wayne Jacobson
    • John and Rita Jenks
    • Neale Koenig
    • Ron Rick
    • Jim Riley
    • Terry Rindfleisch
    • Sandy Sechrest, Chair
    • Phyllis Stevenson
    • Bob Wingate

    Promotion/Membership Committee:

    • Norma Altman
    • Shirley Anderson
    • Sally Olson
    • Jan Olson (ex-officio)
    • Phyllis Stevenson
    • Jane Treglowne, Chair

    Rotary-lights-logoRotary Lights 2014

    Thank you to those who assisted me with our Rotary Lights participation this year. The large number of people who viewed this spectacular light display provided LIR with additional exposure which should result in increased memberships. Additional volunteers signed up, but were either not needed or had other commitments which conflicted with our tasks. We accomplished distributing approximately 2,700 brochures to 66 businesses in La Crosse area the last week in November (Shirley Anderson, Linda Birkle, Michelle Linhart, Patricia Mattie, Paul Schoenfeld, Kathy Spelker, Jane & Tom Treglowne and Alyce Wehrenberg), decorated the tree at Riverside Park on November 23 (Shirley Anderson and Marie Metz) and removed tree decorations on January 1 (Shirley Anderson and Ron Rick).
     - Bob Perlock, LIR Treasurer and LIR Rotary Lights Coordinator