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  • Executive committee

    Election for Officers is held at the Spring Annual Meeting. Anyone wishing to be nominated for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary or Historian should let a member of the Executive Committee know so your name can be placed on nomination paperwork.

    Executive Committee:

    • Jan Olson,  President
    • Sally Olson,  Vice President
    • Catherine Kinyon,  Secretary
    • Bob Perlock,  Treasurer
    • Cece Caron,  Historian
    • Sandy Sechrest,  Chair, Curriculum Committee
    • Jane Treglowne,  Chair, Promotion/Membership Committee
    • Ron Rick,  Past President

    Curriculum Committee:

    • Richard Frost
    • George Hammond
    • Wayne Jacobson
    • John and Rita Jenks
    • Neale Koenig
    • Ron Rick
    • Jim Riley
    • Terry Rindfleisch
    • Sandy Sechrest, Chair
    • Phyllis Stevenson
    • Bob Wingate

    Promotion/Membership Committee:

    • Shirley Anderson
    • Sally Olson
    • Jan Olson (ex-officio)
    • Phyllis Stevenson
    • Jane Treglowne, Chair