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Midwest Active Transportation Conference

Accelerating Effective Approaches for Engaging People in Active Transportation

future-dates-imageFriday, May 20, 2016

Hall of Nations, Centennial Hall, UW-La Crosse

Join us at the Midwest Active Transportation Conference for one day of active learning, networking, collaboration and continuing education.  We are celebrating the bonds of all who share an interest in empowering people in our communities by increasing awareness, implementation and coordination of active transportation. 

Whether you work in health promotion, urban design/planning/engineering, transportation, or are a citizen advocate, our primary goal is encouraging and accelerating effective strategies for engaging people in active modes of transportation.

Offered in partnership with Urban Connections.



With support from Mayo Clinic Health System and Snyder & Associates, Inc.



What is Active Transportation?
Active transportation is any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation, such as walking or bicycling. Physical inactivity is a major contributor to the steady rise in rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other chronic health conditions in the United States. Many Americans view walking and bicycling within their communities as unsafe due to heavy traffic and a scarcity of sidewalks, crosswalks, and bicycle facilities. Improving these elements could encourage active transportation such as children biking to school or employees walking to work. Safe and convenient opportunities for physically active travel also expand access to transportation networks for people without cars, while also spurring investment in infrastructure to increase the comfort of the on-road experience to improve the appeal of active modes to all people.

REMEMBER to check out the 2016 WI Bike Summit to be held on Saturday, May 21st, in La Crosse! Attendees can expect educational and inspiring sessions, great local ride options and a fun post-party. This event was scheduled to compliment the Midwest Active Transportation Conference.