Welcome to Connect2Share:
A community of partners with relationships at its heart.

For over a decade, the Office of Continuing Education and Extension (CEE) at UW-La Crosse has enjoyed a robust and productive partnership for credit professional development with local and regional school districts. Recognizing that educators seek professional development in multiple settings, our office has initiated partnerships with 26 professional education associations, community organizations and educational consultants.  Since the first contract was signed, the number of our school district partners has grown to 45 and our organizational partners has grown to 26. Courses evolve and grow with the needs of all partners. In the 2011-2012 academic year, 159 courses were offered with 954 educators participating.

Our office receives regular requests for information on the courses offered by other district and organizational partners. Connect2share website was created to facilitate information exchange within this community and to provide information to prospective partners.

You will Find:

  • Directory of contract agreement partner schools and organizations with contact information
  • Summary of model courses offered by partners categorized by topic and grade level
  • Names and contact information of expert resources whom you have used to present successful courses

Potential for Future Development:

In addition to the resources cited above, Connect2share has the potential of becoming a venue for communication among partners, for example:

  • Offering social network capability for real time discussion among community partners
  • Ideas for what works in your classrooms based on the demographics, location, size and unique challenges of your district

The conversation that starts with the contract agreement provides a rich exchange of ideas and opens the door to new collaboration among partners. We welcome any ideas you may have for additional ways to use the site and for further collaboration.

About the Partnership for Professional Development

Over the past ten years, the evolution of professional learning communities with teachers teaching teachers has burgeoned in school districts across the state.  In response, the Office of Continuing Education and Extension at UW-La Crosse developed a partnership that pairs the resources of the university and school districts to offer credit professional development to educators based on the specific needs and goals of districts. The cornerstone of this arrangement is the provision of university credit for relevant and timely professional development at an economical base fee. This fee covers the administrative costs to CEE but excludes instructor compensation and marketing costs.  In addition, the benefits include professional development that/is:

  • Relevant to your district’s mission and goals
  • Offered in a timely manner and convenient location
  • Supports teachers to stay current in their fields
  • Encourages utilization of expertise in your district
  • May provide credit for participation in and application of experiential learning events offered by professional associations (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.)
  • Accommodates a district’s potential need to import expertise by providing an adjustable tuition formula that allows compensation of an outside instructor

Here is what one school district administrator has to say about the partnership:

Sauk Prairie School District's partnership with UW La Crosse has been a great benefit to our district. This agreement allows us to provide graduate courses to our staff that are offered on site with the flexibility to meet the needs of our school calendar. Beyond the convenience, this arrangement allows us to design and offer courses that are specific to our District's needs and goals. Such custom designed staff development not only increases educators’ skills and knowledge, it also supports District initiatives and moves them forward. We have been able to develop teacher leaders as this relationship provides a venue for teachers to share their expertise with their colleagues.
~ Cynthia Odden, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Sauk Prairie School District