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Grade Level Course Title # of Credits Description: Participants will... Semester/Year Offered School District or Organization Instructor of Record/Contact
3-10 A LOT of Science 2 Attend workshops and seminars; learn constructivist teaching methods, strategies for technology integration, filed trips and experiences, and a collection of new learning plans. The workshops will focus on Physical Science, Force/Motion, Matter and Changes in Matter, Simple Machines, Principles of Energy, Electricity, Light and Color, Sound and Music, Magnetism, and more. Fall 2012
Summer 2013
Jennifer Docktor
(UW-La Crosse)
6-9 Independent Study: Next Generation Science Standards in the Middle School 2 Recognize changes from 1997 Wisconsin State Standards compared to 2013 next generation science frameworks; Investigate the skill and concepts and the depth of knowledge required compared to current curriculum; Remap scope and sequence according to Next Generation Science Standards- Middle School Level Spring 2013 Char Lemke