Dual Credit Courses for High School Students


CS 120: Software Design I (4 credit)
An introduction to the fundamentals of software development; including software classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, logic, selection control, repetition control, subprograms, parameter passage, and rudimentary software engineering techniques. Students complete numerous programming projects using a modern programming language.

ENG 110: Introduction to College Writing I (3 credit)
An introductory course in composition, this course will emphasize writing practice in various rhetorical modes with focus on all stages of the writing process and writing as a thinking process. (Students who qualify with a grade of "C" or better in ENG 110 will be exempt from further writing requirements in the General Education skills category but this does not exempt students from the writing emphasis course requirement.)
At present, the Departments of Biology and Chemistry have the capacity to offer the following courses to one school at a time. If/when additional dual credit sections of these courses open, school districts will be notified and this website will be changed.

BIO 105: Introductory Biology (4 credit)
CHM 103: General Chemistry
(5 credit)

UW-La Crosse is continually researching areas in which to expand the dual credit program, including course options in the Departments of Communication Studies, Health Professions and Political Science. If you need a specific dual credit course that is not represented on this list please contact:

Annette Valeo
Senior Outreach Specialist
Office of Continuing Education and Extension