Educator Professional Development

Forest Lane Community School (FLCS) Summer Academy

UW-La Crosse offers 1 or 2 Graduate Credits*
CI 715, Section 743/748
For tuition, please contact: Briana Meuer, 608.785.6513 or
(2 days attendance required for 1 credit or 4 days for 2 credits)

July 24-27, 2013  Forest Lane Elementary, 222 Forest Lane, Montello, Wis.
8 a.m.-3 p.m. daily

Credit students, additional  hours as arranged. Credit work due by July 30, 2013
Registration Deadline:
July 24, 2013

Choose from a selection of 8 workshops covering technology integration, RtI, Common Core Standards and Writer’s Workshop in the 4 day professional development academy in the Montello School District. Participants also have the option of taking 1 or 2 graduate credits through UW-La Crosse.

To see full descriptions of the workshops and to register for them, go to:

For information on the credit course requirements:

Workshop fee ($75 per day) is separate and in addition to credit tuition fee.

To register for UW-La Crosse credit course, go to:
UW-L Academic Credit Registration form and Online Admission Application Directions (3 page PDF)

The tuition plateau does not apply to students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate credit courses through the  Office of Continuing Education and Extension.

For more information and to register: Briana Meuer, 608.785.6513 or