Educator Professional Development ~ Programs offering academic credit

The tuition plateau does not apply to students enrolling in undergraduate or graduate credit courses through the  Office of Continuing Education and Extension.
Spring outdoor flower.

2014 Spring Term


Math Soup: Recipe for Student Success | 46th Annual WMC Conference
April 30-May 2, 2014

Summer fireworks picture.

2014 Summer Term


Coping with Pediatric Conditions
May 27-August 15, 2014

Learning to be an Online Instructor
June 22-July 31, 2014

Health Education: Responsibilities, Competencies and Certification
July 11-August 2, 2014


Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
June 23-27, 2014

ADHD and Related Disorders: Understanding and Managing Difficult Behavior in the Classroom (a workshop with Dr. Harvey Weinberg)
July 17-August 29, 2014

Summer Printmaking Atelier
   • Introduction to Printmaking - ART 218, section 730 (3 UG credits)
   • Advanced Printmaking - ART 418, section 730 (3 UG credits)
   • Individual Problems in Printmaking - ART 419, section 730 (3 UG credits)
   • Perspectives in Art: Printmaking - ART 425, section 730 (3 UG credits)
June 23-July 3, 2014

picture of fall

2014 Fall Term


Wisconsin School Psychologists Association (WSPA) Summer Convention
August 7-8, 2014

Health Education: Responsibilities, Competencies and Certification
September 12-October 4, 2014


Please watch our website for announcement of dates for programs to come.

Wisconsin School Psychologists Association (WSPA) Convention
2014 Summer Convention

Washburn Academy

Educator Quality is the Key

“As educators we need to understand that there is no finish line in our work. We can always gain more depth and breadth in our work. There are always new discoveries to be made.” - Carol Ann Tomlinson (2011)

Resources for Educators

UW-L’s Office of Continuing Education and Extension (CEE) offers professional development opportunities for individual educators and school districts across the state. Our programs reflect current best practices in the field, respond to specific needs of Wisconsin schools and align with the goals of Agenda 2017*, Wisconsin’s education reform plan.

CEE’s programming supports a key facet of this plan: “to ensure that highly qualified educators are teaching students and leading schools” by providing rigorous and relevant credit courses, workshops and conferences to educators.

We invite you to review our programs for the next several semesters.

Contact Information

Gary D. Gilmore

Community Health Programming

201 Mitchell Hall

Briana Meuer

Credit Coordinator

264 Morris Hall

Annette Valeo

Program Specialist/Teacher Education/ESS Program

273 Morris Hall

Lynn Weiland

Assistant Director/Credit Programming

265 Morris Hall


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