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The 4th Biennial Symposium of the International Society for River Science (ISRS) 2015 is being hosted by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse River Studies Center in collaboration with the United States Geological Survey Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center, Winona State University Large River Studies Center, and the University of New England, Austrialia. The three most recent biennial symposia were held in St. Petersburg, FL, USA (2009); Berlin, Germany (2011); and Beijing, PRC (2013).


The conference center and hotels are located in historic downtown La Crosse, WI, USA, near the scenic Mississippi River waterfront.


This conference is targeted for a multidisciplinary audience of 300-500 from the physical, natural, and socio-economic sciences, as well as others who manage, create policy for, and use riverine resources. Selected presentations, exhibits, and other events will be open to the general public.


River connectivity…As a fundamental defining character of rivers, the movement of water and water-carried materials connect local and distant habitats and landscapes. The ecology and geomorphology of river systems are formed, maintained, and continuously changed by these flow-induced connections. Likewise, local and regional economies and cultures are influenced and sustained by connections to rivers. Conflicts over river resources and river-defined boundaries divide human cultures, while resource harvest, recreation and transport unite cultures.

The 2015 ISRS conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin, will focus on the theme of connectivity to, within, and among riverine landscapes; explore the geomorphic, chemical, and biological implications of connectivity in rivers; and also develop broader themes of human social and cultural connectivity mediated by river systems throughout the world.


The conference will include keynote, plenary, and special and general contributed sessions; poster sessions; a diverse array of exhibits; and networking receptions.


Activities under development include a keynote speaker to begin the conference and a year-long outreach project with local school districts and the public culminating at ISRS 2015 with an exhibition of K-12 river science, art, and history projects as part of the My River My Home student art project of the Global Rivers Observatory at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Woods Hole Research Center.

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