Speaker Handouts

New Graduate Administrators Workshop
Robert Augustine, Eastern Illinois University; Diana Carlin, Saint Louis University

Enhancing Student Financial Education: What is the Role of the Graduate School
Presider: Daniel D. Denecke, Associate Vice President, Programs and Best Practices at Council of Graduate Schools ( CGS)
Panelists: Samuel Attoh, Loyola University Chicago; Jodi Kaus, Kansas State University; Patrick Osmer, Ohio State University

Enhancing Student Financial Education at Kansas State University (3 page PDF)
Enhancing Student Financial Education: Loyola University Chicago (2 page PDF)
Enhancing Student Financial Education: What is the Role of the Graduate School? (5 page PDF)
Financial Literacy at Ohio State (3 page PDF)

Embracing Global Perspectives in Graduate Education: The Experience at Small and Mid-sized Institutions (2 page PDF)
Doug Barcalow, Director, Graduate School, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, Indiana; Joanne Barnes, Dean, Graduate School, Indiana Wesleyan University, Marion, Indiana; Rosemary Link, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa; Regina Matheson, Dean, Graduate and Adult Education, St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa; Nan Yancey, Dean, Graduate Studies, Lewis University, Romeoville, Illinois

Innovative Approaches to Graduate Assessment (4 page PDF)
William Abler and Scott Day, University of Illinois Springfield

Do We Really Know What Graduate Students are Learning Abroad and How Do We Know? (6 page PDF)
John Dirkx, Kristin Janka Millar and Brett Berquist, Michigan State University

Plenary Session
Theater Delta Presents: Cultivation: An Interactive Theater Performance on Faculty Mentorship

Ben Saypol, Director of Theater Delta
This performance will use Interactive Theater–scripted and improvisational audience participatory theater – to promote dialogue and solutions around faculty mentorship of graduate students. Participants will witness a scene, have an opportunity to interact with and challenge the characters, and then take part in a facilitated conversation about the issues raised. Topics include communication, critical feedback, boundaries, research, cultural identity and others. Co-sponsored by Loyola University, Chicago

Beyond Orientation: Connecting Students Throughout Their Academic Careers
Kalee Ludeks, Manager of Strategic Programming and Assessment of Graduate Student Affairs at the University of Chicago
When graduate students begin their graduate study, they are usually welcomed collectively through a graduate orientation event where — while being bombarded by a dministrative information — students can network with peers from multiple departments and programs. After that gathering, however, students often become siloed in their departments where the isolating exercise of academic research allows them to enjoy little interaction with the broader graduate student community. In this session, Graduate Student Affairs (GSA) from The University of Chicago will describe the conception and implementation of the one - size - DOESN’T - fit - all model which has been applied to several types of programs including professional development events, graduate alumni interactions, and supportive graduate student family resources. GSA will share their experience with sponsoring more targeted programs that bring together smaller groups within the graduate population around a common theme or topic to create a more meaningful impact for students.

Collecting, Reporting and Utilizing Progamatic Level Data for Program Improvement: The Story of the University of Kansas Doctoral Program Profiles (5 page PDF)
Kristine Latta, Ph.D., Director of the College Office of Graduate Affairs; Amanda Ostreko, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Enrollment; Roberta Pokphanh, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Kansas

University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Graduate Degree Completion Agreement (6 page PDF)

Best Practices to Facilitate Successful Transition to Graduate School (4 page PDF)
Carol Shanklin, Dean, Kansas State University and Lee Williams, Dean, University of Oklahoma

Plenary Session
Graduate Education and the National Scene

Beth B. Buehlmann, Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs at CGS
Moderator: Jackie Huntoon, Michigan Technological University
Beth will discuss the current issues facing graduate schools and deans, from the vantage point of Washington DC and Capitol Hill. Her perspective and insights will help illuminate the (sometimes) opaque discussions and decisions from Congress that affect higher education, particularly at the graduate level.

Lean Principles in a Graduate College: A Case Study in Progress (7 page PDF)
David M. Rackham, Boeing Corporation and William R. Graves, Iowa State University

Increasing Visibility: Marketing your Masters Programs (5 page PDF)
Susan Cramer, Dean of Graduate Studies and Greg Wypiszynski, Director of Graduate Studies; University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

Increasing Student Success in Competitive Fellowship Competitions
Jessica Smith, University of Chicago and Marie Khan, University of Illinois - Chicago

Prominent Graduate Student Fellowships (2 page PDF)
Graduate Fellowship Advising Resources (3 page PDF)

Special Session
New Developments in Graduate Education – A Dialogue Between the Graduate Community and NSF (7 page PDF)
Richard Tankersly, Pushpa Murthy, National Science Foundation; Henning Schroeder, CGS/NSF Dean in Residence

Reception - Sponsored by TIAA/CREF
Real Assets at TIAA-CREF (4 page PDF)

Program G.R.A.D. (15 page PDF)
Diana Carlin, St. Louis University; Cherelle Johnson, St. Louis University

Mastering the Humanities: Growing, Diversifying, and Sustaining Humanities Education (3 page PDF)
Patricia Mooney-Melvin, Loyola University Chicago 

From Local to Global: Forging Campus -Wide Partnerships as an Approach to Building New Programs (5 page PDF)
Laura Carlson, Associate Dean for Professional Development; John Lubker, Associate Dean for Students; Mimi Beck, Program Director, Graduate Student Life, University of Notre Dam

Special Session
TIAA-CREF Financial Literacy: The Millennial Challenge (4 page PDF) 
Britta Schell, Gen Y Strategist; Jonathan Gentry, Senior Director; Michael Gannon, Senior Director, Communications and Marketing; Amy Podzius, Financial Consultant, TIAA -CREF

2014 Attractions (2 page PDF)