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The staff of the Counseling & Testing Center will provide consulting services upon request and dependent upon current work load demands. Consultation can take many forms. Some examples include:
  • Consultation with faculty, advisors, or residence hall staff about ways to address particular student problems;
  • Consultation with student leaders and organizations regarding team building, group dynamics, leadership training, and effective communication;
  • Consultation with departments and supervisors who are experiencing personnel problems and need professional advice on intervention strategies.
Contact the Counseling & Testing Center at 608.785.8073 to discuss your consultation requests.


When you become aware that a student is having personal or family problems it is often useful to ask " Are you talking with anyone?" If you think that this person would benefit from a referral for counseling, and the individual is not currently getting counseling, it is usually best to express your concern and recommendation directly to the person. It is also generally better to suggest counseling and allow the student to make his or her own decision.

If this person needs help immediately, you may need to call the Counseling & Testing Center to help schedule an appointment. When you call the Counseling & Testing Center on behalf of a student, identify yourself and explain to the receptionist that you are helping a student make an appointment; then allow the student to speak to the receptionist to arrange an appointment time.

Client confidentiality does not allow us to provide you with information about a student whom you have referred to us; but it is almost always appropriate for you to check back with the person, to see whether he or she has followed through on your recommendation. This communicates your continued interest and concern.

Please remember that if you are concerned about a student and you are not sure how to proceed, call 608.785.8073 and talk with a counselor who will help you determine an appropriate course of action.