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These tracks are offered to you free of charge by the UW-L Counseling & Testing Center. There are 5 tracks: general relaxation, test anxiety, speech anxiety, social anxiety, and self confidence. Please read these instructions prior to use, do not listen to this while driving, operating machinery, or engaging in tasks requiring your full attention.

This is a general relaxation sequence lasting approximately 20 minutes, taking you through a calming and relaxing exercise, asking you to tense and relax various muscle groups throughout your body. While you may obtain an overall relaxing effect after one or two sessions, the main effects of this track will occur after several months of listening at least 3 times a week. Most individuals listen to it before bedtime, although you can listen to it any time during the day. Make sure you are in a relaxed posture, either in a chair or on your bed, free from distractions or interruptions. Be advised, however, that if you are lying down, you are more likely to fall asleep. Some individuals experience sensations of falling or dizziness. If this occurs, simply open your eyes, get up slowly, and walk around the room. With practice, these sensations should go away. If you have this type of reaction or other unusual reactions, please contact the Counseling & Testing Center at 785-8073 for assistance.
This track is for test anxiety. You may benefit from this track if your anxiety interferes with your attention and recall during exams. Listen to this track every day for at least two weeks prior to your test. While many individuals experience positive benefits after just one to two sessions, most report a significant decrease in anxiety and an increase in confidence after at least two weeks of listening. This track is also useful for inducing an attitude of relaxation and calm while studying.
This track is for speech anxiety. If you experience tension and nervousness when giving speeches or otherwise talking in front of groups, this track may help you gain confidence and be more relaxed. You should listen to this track at least a week or two prior to your presentation.
This track will help you gain more confidence in social situations. It is for those who are anxious and feel shy when interacting with others, especially with those whom they do not know well. As with the other tracks, the main benefits will come from repeated listening, so that the comments on the track become "second nature" to you. The goal is to help you replace negative and self-defeating thoughts with positive ones, which will reduce your anxiety when interacting with others.
This track is for helping you become more self confident in general. It is based on the psychological principle that our feelings and perceptions are largely governed by what we say to ourselves, our "self talk." By reducing negative and increasing positive self-talk, many individuals can improve their self-esteem and self confidence. As with the other tracks, the main effect comes through repeated practice so that the positive comments become automatic.

Summary: Consider these tracks as part of your "training program." As with any exercise program, improvement comes with consistent practice. Some students notice a positive change in their attitudes after two or three sessions, while most require several weeks of a month of active listening. Try and use the tracks at least three times a week.

Please contact the Counseling & Testing Center at 785-8073 if you have any questions, or if you are not achieving the benefits you expect.

Prepared by: Kip Zirkel, Ph.D