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Study Skills Inventory

Below is an inventory of six different study and reading skills. You can take one or all of them. If you answer "No/Seldom" to half or more of the statements on any survey it is recommended you seek assistance in that area. When you complete the survey items in your chosen skill area(s) press "Submit." You will then see the breakdown of your answers, a study tip for that specific skill, and recommendations for assistance.

Time Management Yes/Often No/Seldom
1. Most of the time I feel my study sessions are very productive.
2. I try to review material in each class at least several times a week.
3. I use most of my free daytime hours for studying.
I have a daily "To Do" list that helps me plan my study time and meet daily commitments.
5. I seldom fall really behind in my classes.
I feel I should be getting better grades for the time I am putting into my studies.
7. I know what times during the day I am most alert and productive.
8. I set aside a regular times for studying every day.
9. I balance my study time to cover all classes.
I know at least 2 places on campus to study when I really need to get something done.

Motivation Yes/Often No/Seldom
1. I seek help from classmates, tutors, or the instructor when I need to.
2. I try to make studying a priority before I do more fun things.
I have a long term educational goal so I accept that studying needs to be a priority.
I admit that some classes are more important to me both in the knowledge I gain in the grade I receive.
5. I can focus and minimize daydreaming when I study.
If I find myself daydreaming or falling asleep, I know how to re-energize my studying.

Textbooks Yes/Often No/Seldom
1. The time I spend reading my textbooks is worthwhile.
I know how to determine the importance of the textbook in each of my classes.
While overviewing my text chapters, I am able to see the big picture, the main ideas.
I use the chapter format (bold headings, graphics, italics) to realize the main points.
I have specific questions I am trying to answer as I study the text chapter.
6. I quiz myself section by section as I read the chapter.

Notetaking Yes/Often No/Seldom
1. The information on the test was in my notes.
2. I am able to pick out the important points in a lecture.
I prepare to go to a lecture class by looking over my notes from the last class.
I review and clarify my notes right after the class if my schedule permits.
5. I can follow a lecture even if it is unorganized.
I try to stay in tune to the lecture by writing down as much as possible, especially material on the board, overheads, or powerpoint.

Test Preparation Yes/Often No/Seldom
I stop and quiz myself often when reviewing my notes or reading my texts.
I try to see how something I am learning relates to something I already know.
3. It is really helpful to study with others.
I use flashcards, draw diagrams, or make up jingles to learn really difficult material.
5. I have sufficient time to complete tests and don't feel unduly rushed.
I feel confident that I understand the information when I go into an exam.
I look for relationships in the material from class to class, week to week, and test to test.
8. I start studying for a major exam at least a week in advance.
9. Before answering any essay questions I jot down a brief outline.
Before starting a test, I plan how much time I have for each section or question.

Reading Comprehension Yes/Often No/Seldom
1. I feel that I read as fast as other students.
My reading pace is adequate because I know most of the words I encounter.
3. I can comprehend most material with one reading.
I can read fiction and magazine articles much faster than my textbooks.