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Suicide Indicators

While suicide is very hard to predict, there are some reliable indicators of risk.

  • Those who are seriously depressed are quite likely to have thoughts of suicide.
  • Other emotional illnesses such as severe anxiety or confusion can lead to the idea that "life is not worth living."
  • Anyone who has previously attempted suicide is at increased risk.
  • Recent losses, particularly deaths of close relatives or friends, heighten vulnerability.
  • Alcohol and drugs can dissolve inhibitions against suicide.
  • Preparations for death, such as giving away possessions or acquiring a gun, are cause for great concern.
  • A sudden lift in spirits in a depressed person can mean a decision has been reached that will "end the misery."

Please contact the UW-L Counseling and Testing Center immediately if you or someone you know has any of these indicators of risk. We are located in 2106 Centennial Hall and our phone number is 608.785.8073. A professional counselor is available every afternoon for emergency appointments.