Computer Science Club
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Gaming Party

The C-S Club is yet again preparing for the Gaming Party!

Spring Semester's event will take place March 7th. In October we reached a record 50 gamers, and we want to continue expanding. In this spirit, we are looking into having the party span two days for more gaming action. The date, time, and location will be announced here as soon as they are confirmed.
Walk Ins are once again free as they were last semester. However we have changed how food and everything is going to be distributed. The CS club voted on there being a non-mandatory registration fee of $2 for CS Club memebers and $5 for non members. This registration gets you VIP treatment which includes food and entering for the door prize, a Nintendo WII.

Console games were a total success in October, so we will again offer traditional PC games as well as a variety of consoles!
In the past, games have included:

Company of Heroes
Call of Duty 4
Team Fortress 2
Quake 3
Jedi Academy
Battlefield 2
Counter Strike
Warcraft 3
Gears of War
Guitar Hero 3
Wii Sports
Mario Party
Smash Bros
Mario Kart
XBox 360
Guitar Hero 2
Halo 3
Dead or Alive
Super Smash Bros
Perfect Dark

Prizes will be awarded to tournament winners.

If you are planning on playing a PC game, remember to bring your computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones, cables, and a power strip.
If you are planning on playing console games, all of the necessary supplies will be available but you can bring extra games and contollers if you have them.

Thanks to our sponsors!
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