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Department Contact Information

335 Morris Hall
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Carol Angell, Ph. D.
Ph: (608) 785-8135

Alice Clark
Ph: (608) 785-8132

Lisa Armstrong
Ph:  (608) 785-8152

Dept. Fax: (608) 785-8137


Mission Statement

The primary purpose of the Department of Educational Studies (DES) is to advance teaching and learning while preparing teacher leaders for a global society. Our teacher preparation programs, in collaboration with our public school partners, contribute to the teaching profession by producing teachers who believe that all students have the ability to achieve high standards, who adapt their teaching to reach all students, and who respect the diversity of all students. We prepare teacher candidates to become teachers who ground curriculum in the lives of students; who embrace multicultural perspectives and uphold just teaching practices; value academically rigorous curriculum; and are culturally sensitive. Our graduates are reflective practitioners who continuously improve their abilities and are responsive to best practices.


The Vision of the Department of Educational Studies is to develop teacher candidates into effective teacher practitioners who are globally responsive teacher leaders dedicated to supporting all students and committed to a quality education for all.

To accomplish the mission and vision of DES we have established the following priorities:

 Engage in reflection
 Celebrate diversity
 Research practice
 Focus on teaching
 Engage in service
 Use technology
 Create school partnerships
 Construct knowledge
 Be globally responsive

The Department includes teacher education programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.