Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Special Education Program
(For traditional undergraduate degree-seeking teacher candidates)


Phase I—SPE Program Admission Criteria

1.      Number of course credits earned to date–do not count credits that are “in progress” (must have earned at least 24 credits at the time of application). Of the 24 credits earned candidates must have the following course requirements met:

a.       Complete ENG 110/112 with a grade of “C” or higher

b.      Complete or have concurrent enrollment in EFN 205, PSY 212, and EDS 303 (or equivalent coursework)

2.      Combined Cumulative Grade Point Average (CCGPA) of 3.0 or higher

3.      Passing Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) scores (Reading = 175; Writing = 174; Math = 173)

4.      Admission to a major teacher education program or complete an application to a major teacher education program (MC-EA, EA-A/STEP, or EC-A). Candidates may apply to their major program admission in the same semester they apply to the SPE program.

5.      Emphasis area (must choose one of three areas: Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD); Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (EBD); or Cognitive Disabilities (CD))

6.   Candidates must complete the self-report Criminal Background Check form (part of the Qualtrics Admission Survey--Phase I link below).

Phase II—SPE Program Admission Criteria

7.   Table listing a minimum of 25 hours of verified experience working directly with students with special needs (may include private tutoring or organizational volunteering with persons with an identified disability; experience with family members will not be permitted)(See experience table template)

8.      Letters from supervisor verifying hours and direct contact experience listed above IS REQUIRED (experiences with family members will not be permitted). Experiences must be verified by an organization &/or school supervisor on letterhead.

9.      Statement of Intent: personal written statement describing why you should be admitted to the Special Education Program (default font size 11, 1-2 page double spaced)(See the Statement of Intent guidelines and the Writing Rubric for evaluation criteria)

10.      Copy of unofficial transcript (from your WINGS account)


Phase I—SPE Program Admission Procedures

1.      Complete the Admission Qualtrics survey during weeks 1-3 of each fall or spring semester

a.       Applications are not accepted after 4:00pm Friday of Week 3.

b.      Use this link:

Phase II—SPE Program Admission Procedures

1.      Upload documentation into the Special Education D2L dropbox site No later than 4:00p-m on Friday of Week 4.

a.       Upon initiating the SPE admission process, you will be enrolled in the SPE Program D2L site to upload additional application materials.

b.      Include your:

1)      Experience Table

2)      Experience Verification Letters

3)      Statement of Intent

Phase III—SPE Program Admission Procedures

1.      The Special Education Program Admissions Committee will notify applicants of admission decision by 4:30pm Friday of Week 8

a.       The committee will verify major program admission status (MC-EA, EA-A/STEP, EC-A)


1.      Incomplete candidate files will not be reviewed; candidates must resubmit materials at next application due date.


Appeal & Reapplication Policy


Candidates who meet the stated criteria may apply for admission to the Special Education Program. Candidates who are not admitted may appeal the admission decision by submitting a letter of appeal to the DES Department Chair within 30 days of the appeal notification. The candidate may be asked to meet with the Special Education Admission Committee as part of the appeal process. Candidates will be notified of the appeal decision in a timely manner. The appeal decision is final.


Joe Johnson, Ph.D.
Director, Special Education Program
300B Morris Hall

Updated: July 2013