Setting Up EagleApps for your Phone or E-mail Client

Before you set up a mobile device (phone) or e-mail client be aware of the following:

  • In the directions provided by Google, where the directions say "@gmail.com" or "@your_domain.com", you will actually need to enter "@uwlax.edu" without the quotes.
  • When asked for your username you will need to enter in your full email address (e.g. smith.john@uwlax.edu).
  • When asked for your password use your EagleApps password.  If you need to set or reset your EagleApps password click here.

Google Sync for your Phone (Keep e-mail, calendar, and contacts in sync):
To learn more about Google Sync (e-mail, contacts, and calendar on your phone) visit www.google.com/mobile/sync.  Google Sync only works with certain mobile devices.  If your device does not support Google Sync see the E-Mail through IMAP and Other Mobile Options below.

E-mail through IMAP:
If you would like to configure an e-mail client or mobile device using an IMAP connection (e-mail only) please visit: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=75726.

Other Mobile Options:
For more options to get EagleApps and other Google services on your mobile device, including using Google Sync, visit  http://www.google.com/mobile and select your mobile device from the top menu.

Google Apps Sync for Outlook (Use Outlook as your EagleApps E-mail Client):
Use Microsoft Outlook to access your e-mail, calendar, and contacts on your Windows PC.  Download the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync.  After it is installed and configured this tool will launch when you run Outlook and keep your e-mail client and web-based interface for EagleApps synchronized.

UW-L's Eagle Help Desk cannot support the configuration and use of mobile devices that students, faculty, and staff use to connect to EagleApps. The Eagle Help Desk is able to assist with general questions about using EagleApps and help people establish a EagleApps password.  If you have any questions please contact the Eagle Help Desk at (608) 785-8774 or helpdesk@uwlax.edu.