Ergonomics Program Information

Ergonomics is the study of work performance and how the worker and the job demands influence each other. Ergonomics takes into consideration knowledge about human abilities, limitations and other characteristics and looks at the interaction between those factors and the characteristics of the job being performed. Ergonomics focus is to create a safe, easy to use, comfortable and efficient worker and job demand interaction.

The UW-La Crosse Environmental Health and Safety Office strives to improve ergonomic conditions on this campus. There are various informational resources on ergonomics that are available to UW-L faculty, staff and students. The resources include consultation and programming provided by the UW-La Crosse Environmental Health and Safety Office. There are also a variety of videotapes and books available through Murphy Library. Finally, UW-L Environmental Health and Safety has created bulletins and newsletters that can be accessed through this web sight as well as ergonomic guideline resources that can assist in creating a more ergonomically designed work environment. 

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