The following health and safety videotapes are available for check-out in Murphy Library. These videotapes are located in the Video Collection on the second floor of Murphy Library. They can be used to train UW-L employee's or student's on a variety of health and safety topics pertinent to our campus environment. The videotapes can be incorporated into class lectures or Department's may wish to schedule safety meeting(s) to discuss these important topics. The available videotapes are listed and described in the remainder of this bulletin. If you request for additional health and safety training materials please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 785-6800.

Title: Accident Analysis for Supervisors
Catalog Number: HD7262.25.A33 1994
Description: Supervisors are responsible for conducting an accident analysis after any of their employees are injured. This training identifies techniques to conduct an effective accident analysis with the goal of preventing similar future incidents.
Length: 15 minutes

Title: Accident Causes and Prevention
Catalog Number: HV675.A33 1995
Description: Guaranteed to reduce the occurrence of employee unsafe acts, thereby eliminating most accidents in the workplace. Presents many examples of accidents, providing employees with a thorough understanding of the concept of unsafe acts and how they contribute to accidents.
Length: 12 minutes

Title: Basic First Aid
Catalog Number: T55.S25 1995
Description: Teaches personnel how to respond in case of a medical emergency. Provides basic instruction for individuals who decide to act as a good Samaritan and offer medical assistance to a coworker.
Length: 6 minutes

Title: Bloodborne Pathogens
Catalog Number: RA642.B56 B56 1992
Description: Educates personnel about how bloodborne pathogens are transmitted, who can be affected and how simply exposure can be prevented. Topics include: defining bloodborne pathogens, universal precautions, protective equipment, hepatitis B vaccination and safe work practices.
Length: 10 minutes

Title: Controlling Your Risks: HIV in the Research Laboratory
Catalog Number: QR201.A37 C6 1994
Description: Describes methods to prevent exposure to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in laboratory settings.
Length: 28 minutes

Title: Cranes, Chains and Hoists Safety
Catalog Number: TJ1350.C42 1995
Description: Covers practices for inspections, maintenance and use of cranes and other lifting devices. Topics include: daily pre-use inspections; proper use and demonstration of equipment protection; physics of sling angles, understanding safe loading capacities; and practices to avoid.
Length: 12 minutes

Title: Electrical Safety Overview
Catalog Number: TK452.E44 1992
Description: Complies with the OSHA Electrical Safety Related Work Practices Regulation covering basic safety rules when working with electrical equipment.
Length: 10 minutes

Title: Employee Safety Information
Catalog Number: T55.E4 1995
Description: Meets OSHA requirements for training in general hazards regarding proper clothing, personal protective clothing, machine guarding, accident reporting, and much more. Designed as a new-hire orientation, this video can also be used as a refresher for experienced employees.
Length: 15 minutes

Title: Eye Protection
Catalog Number: T55.E84 1995
Description: Provides a review of common eye hazards and precautions to take to minimize and eliminate the hazards. Identifies the alternative types of eye protection, when different types of eye protection should be used, and the care, maintenance and storage of eye protection.
Length: 6 minutes

Title: Fall Protection: Harness Donning
Catalog Number: T55.H37 1995
Description: Provides personnel a review of procedures for donning a variety of fall protection harnesses. Instructs equipment users on methods to inspect, store, maintain and care for harnesses.
Length: 22 minutes

Title: Fall Protection: Trailer Demonstration
Catalog Number: T55.F36 1995
Description: Hands on demonstration of fall protection equipment provides motivation for the proper use of personal fall arrest systems. Stresses the importance of preventing falls in a captivating demonstration of the forces developed during a free fall with different types of protective equipment.
Length: 22 minutes

Title: Fire Extinguisher Training
Catalog Number: TH9362.F57 1995
Description: Informs personnel of the importance of fire prevention and use of fire extinguishers as a last defense against fire. Identifies the different types of fire extinguishers and how they should/should not be used to extinguish a fire.
Length: 6 minutes

Title: Forklift Safety / OSHA Guidelines
Catalog Number: T55.F66 1995
Description: Important for all employees who operate forklifts and similar materials handling equipment. Topics include: proper operating procedures, common hazards, safety procedures and loading guidelines.
Length: 7 minutes

Title: Hand and Power Tool Safety
Catalog Number: TJ1185.H36 1992
Description: The tools your employee's use every day can be dangerous if used incorrectly or carelessly. Encourage them to be aware of the safety concerns with this video. The topics include: general safety rules, cutting tools, striking tools, power tools and other tool groups.
Length: 12 minutes

Title: Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders
Catalog Number: T55.3.H3 H36 1993
Description: Train employees on proper handling of compressed gas cylinders. Reviews: different types of gas storage, handling of cylinders, hazards associated with gas leaks, features and proper use of gas cylinders.
Length: 13 minutes

Title: Hazard Communication in the Workplace
Catalog Number: T55.3 H3 H39 1995
Description: Provides a comprehensive review of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. Topics include: definition of hazardous material, written hazard communication program components, labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets.
Length: 18 minutes

Title: Hazard Communication: Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets
Catalog Number: T55.S25 1995
Description: OSHA requires the employer to make Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's) available to employee's and label all chemical containers. This training identifies how to interpret an MSDS to determine hazard severity. The video also describes labeling requirements.
Length: 8 minutes

Title: Hazardous Waste - Making the Right Call
Catalog Number: TD1042.W5 M35 1996
Description: Provides a general overview of hazardous waste disposal requirements and use of the State contract for hazardous waste disposal. Specific questions regarding hazardous waste disposal should be directed to the Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management Office.
Length: 16 minutes

Title: Health & Safety in the Office Environment
Catalog Number: RC965.03H43 1996
Description: Even though offices look safe and hazard free, office accidents do happen. This video was developed to provide information, guidelines, and useful tips that will help state office employees prevent a work related injury or illness and improve their overall health and safety.
Length: 20 minutes

Title: Hearing Conservation
Catalog Number: RF293.5.H47 1995
Description: Provides an overview of OSHA's Hearing Conservation Standard. Topics include a description of noise levels, audiometry, noise surveys, control measures and the different forms of hearing protective devices.
Length: 6 minutes

Title: Hearing Loss & You
Catalog Number: RF310 .H43 1994
Description: This video explains "nerve deafness" and how to identify possible hearing loss. Topics include a description and effects of hearing loss, identifying hearing loss, and descriptions of hearing aids available through the Miracle Ear Company.
Length: 15 minutes

Title: Hidden Danger - Hepatitis B (Healthcare Version)
Catalog Number: RC848.H44 H53
Description: Educates healthcare workers about how the hepatitis B virus (HBV) is transmitted, who can be affected and how simply it can be prevented.
Length: 15 minutes

Title: Hidden Dangers - HBV and the Public Safety Worker
Catalog Number: RC848.H44 H53 1992
Description: Educates public safety workers and volunteers about how the hepatitis B virus (HBV) is transmitted, who can be affected and how simply it can be prevented.
Length: 15 minutes

Title: Human Behavior - Reducing Unsafe Acts
Catalog Number: T55.3.B43 H85 1995
Description: Unsafe acts are the cause of most accidents. The training defines unsafe acts and motivates individuals to eliminate unsafe acts.
Length: 6 minutes

Title: Lab: Electrical Safety in The Laboratory
Catalog Number: TK152.E44 1996
Description: Train students and employees to avoid chemical fires. Topics include: fundamentals on amps, circuits, circuit breakers, grounding, and GFI protection; avoiding common electrical hazards; and choosing equipment for use with flammables, fires, and other emergencies.
Length: 12 minutes

Title: Lab: Flammables and Explosives
Catalog Number: TH9446.I47 F53 1992
Description: Train your employees on safe handling of flammables and explosives. Topics include: flash point, flammable limits, waste disposal, ignition temperature, use of MSDS; spill and emergency procedures, and transport and storage of flammables.
Length: 8 minutes

Title: Laboratory Ergonomics
Catalog Number: T55.L22 1993
Description: Minimize the strain employees place on their bodies while working in the lab. Topics include: practices causing ergonomic problems, prevention: stretching, neutral positions, mini-breaks, proper techniques for sitting, standing and lifting and importance of regular exercise.
Length: 12 minutes

Title: Laboratory Safety Skit 1997
Catalog Number: QD51.L33 1997
Description: This video is designed to be used by faculty in second semester science labs since some knowledge of apparatus and chemicals is expected. The video is an illustration or skit where observers are challenged to identify and list as many safety violations as possible while watching the safety video. The list of violations is included with the video.
Length: 10 minutes

Title: Lab Safety Showers and Eye Washes
Catalog Number: QD51.S24 1992
Description: Focuses on increasing awareness and preparedness of laboratory employees for emergencies. Topics include: effective shower and eyewash requirements, knowing locations and how to use each, and maintaining and using each effectively.
Length: 12 minutes

Title: Ladder Safety
Catalog Number: T55.S25 1995
Description: Provides a review of common ladder hazards and precautions to take to reduce and eliminate the hazards. Provides a review of methods to safely use a ladder.
Length: 7 minutes

Title: Landscape Maintenance Safety
Catalog Number: SB472.5.L36 1995
Description: Educates landscape personnel to take responsibility for safety and understand the hazards associated with their work. Topics include: safe use and daily maintenance of mowers and string trimmers, personal protective equipment, chain saw and chipper safety, and other hazards.
Length: 17 minutes

Title: Maintenance Person Safety
Catalog Number: T55.M3 1992
Description: Specifically for maintenance personnel. Fulfills OSHA training requirements including hazardous materials, electrical and fire safety, PPE, machine guarding and other required training subjects.
Length: 13 minutes

Title: Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's)
Catalog Number: T55.3.H3 M38 1995
Description: OSHA requires that employers make MSDS's available to employee's. The MSDS identifies the hazards associated with specific hazardous materials. This training identifies how to interpret an MSDS to determine hazard severity.
Length: 7 minutes

Title: Office Ergonomics
Catalog Number: HD7261.O3337 1995
Description: Teach employees how to avoid unnecessary strain and stress on the body. Topics include: neutral work postures, techniques of good posture, lifting techniques, avoiding repetition, exercise importance, and customizing the work space.
Length: 11 minutes

Title: Office Safety
Catalog Number: HD7261.O3372 1995
Description: The danger in office environments is not as high as in other areas, but office employees are still exposed to daily hazards. Topics include: sitting properly, electrical hazards, computer safety, storage and avoiding slips, trips and falls.
Length: 14 minutes

Title: Out of Harm's Way: Safe Handling of Corrosive Chemicals
Catalog Number: QD63.5.O98 1996
Description: Designed to help chemists and their coworkers protect themselves against corrosives. Topics include: identifying and understanding corrosive chemicals, selection of appropriate protective equipment, and responding to emergencies involving corrosive chemicals.
Length: 14 minutes

Title: Oxidation Hazards- More Than Just Air
Catalog Number: QD63.O9 O95 1996
Description: Designed to help chemists and their co-workers recognize and avoid multiple hazards associated with working in the laboratory. Topics include: understanding how oxidizers contribute to fires, where to find information for working safely with any chemical, rules for storing oxidizers safely, and identifying chemicals that can form peroxides.
Length: 17 minutes

Title: Partnership for Safety...When Your Job Site Becomes a Temporary Construction Site
Catalog Number: T55.P37 1999
Description: Whenever there is construction or renovation at the workplace, there is a possibility that workers may be exposed to a number of situations, which if not handled properly can cause concern or injury. This video focuses mainly on the situations where the normal work area is affected either directly or indirectly by a renovation or construction project.
Length: 19 minutes

Title: Personal Protective Equipment
Catalog Number: T55.P47 1995
Description: Describes different types of personal protective equipment (PPE), how to select the type of PPE, care and maintenance of PPE and how PPE should be stored.
Length: 6 minutes

Title: Personal Protective Equipment
Catalog Number: T55.3.P75 P47 1996
Description: Describes different types of personal protective equipment( PPE), how to select the type of PPE, care and maintenance of PPE and how PPE should be stored.
Length: 15 minutes

Title: Practicing Safe Science
Catalog Number: QD63.5.P73 1992
Description: Addresses intrinsic hazards associated with scientific protocols used in molecular biology. Includes a demonstration of good laboratory safety techniques, reenactments of actual laboratory accidents and asks questions that challenge you to recognize risks in the laboratory.
Length: 29 minutes

Title: Practical Solutions to Laboratory Safety Problems
Catalog Number: Q183.A1 F55 1994
Description: Addresses a number of topics on lab safety issues. Topics include: teacher liability, laboratory ventilation, fire blankets, extinguishers, and eyewash devices, spill control, seven step plan to clean up chemicals, and disposal options.
Length: Teacher liability- 22 minutes, laboratory ventilation - 20 minutes, fire blankets, extinguishers, and eyewash devices - 12 minutes, spill control - 2 minutes, seven step plan to clean up chemicals- 18 minutes, disposal options - 6 minutes

Title: Preventing Contamination
Catalog Number: T55.P74 1993
Description: In the laboratory, contaminants can be inadvertently spread through carelessness. Increase awareness among students and staff and give them practical advice for avoiding this problem. Topics include: four routes of contaminate entry into the body; use of PPE and engineering controls; and safe practices with keeping contaminants isolated, good housekeeping, and awareness of others in the laboratory.
Length: 10 minutes

Title: Principles of Accident Investigation & Analysis
Catalog Number: HD7262.25.P75 1998
Description: Developed in collaboration with state agencies and the Bureau of State Risk Management, this video addresses how each supervisor needs to investigate and analyze workplace injuries, illnesses, incidents and near misses. It also suggests methods for making work units more efficient through proper handling of these situations.
Length: 16 minutes

Title: Reduce Accident Rates By As Much as 90%.
Catalog Number: T55.R43 1998
Description: Used as part of a regular safety program to help promote healthier, more safety conscious employees and help ensure compliance with OSHA requirements.
Length: 10 minutes

Title: Safe Lifting
Catalog Number: T55.3.L5 B3 1995
Description: Back injury prevention training is essential for all employees. This training includes lifting guidelines and techniques, the importance of exercise and general back musculoskeletal structure.
Length: 5 minutes

Title: Safe Operation of Laboratory Fume Hoods
Catalog Number: QD54.F85 S34
Description: Topics include: fume hood components, types of fume hoods, how lab rooms work in conjunction with fume hoods, pre-procedural checklist, safe operating procedures, and periodic performance verification.

Title: Safety Hazards
Catalog Number: T55.J6 1995
Description: Motivates employees to develop good safety attitudes and habits. The training also identifies possible hazards and precautions.
Length: 5 minutes

Title: Safety Housekeeping
Catalog Number: TS192.S24 1992
Description: Encourages good habits and practices regarding the basics for keeping the workplace clean and safe. Topics include: general safety awareness principles, orderly workplace, tool use, storage and handling of materials and hazardous substances.
Length: 13 minutes

Title: Safety in the Research Laboratory: Set One: Radionuclide Hazards, Chemical Hazards and Emergency Response
Catalog Number: T55.3.H3 S2 1994
Description: This video series provides guidance and instruction on how to control risks associated with protocols and practices used in the modern biology lab. The series will make laboratory personnel aware of the hazards associated with biomedical research and provide instruction in safe techniques that will enable workers to protect themselves from these hazards. The information will introduce new staff to good laboratory practices and provide a meaningful technical review in safety for the more experienced laboratory worker.
Length: Radionuclide Hazards - 12 minutes; Chemical Hazards - 10minutes; Emergency Response - 12 minutes

Title: Safety in the Research Laboratory: Set Two: Centrifugation Hazards, Chemical Storage Hazards, and Glassware Washing Hazards
Catalog Number: T55.3.H3 S24 1995
Description: This video series provides guidance and instruction on how to control risks associated with protocols and practices used in the modern biology lab. The videos demonstrate safe centrifugation practices, offer guidance on proper storing of chemicals for safety in a typical research laboratory, and promotes the use of personal protective equipment as well as promotes teamwork and good work habits.
Length: Centrifugation Hazards - 9 minutes; Chemical Storage Hazards -11 minutes; Glassware Washing Hazards - 10 minutes

Title: Safety in the Research Laboratory: Set Three: Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards, X-ray Diffraction Hazards and Assessing Risks
Catalog Number: QH 323.2.M36 1997
This video series provides guidance and instruction on how to control hazards associated with protocols and practices used in the modern biology laboratory. This video demonstrates safe procedures within mammalian cell culture environments, offers guidance in working safely around x-ray beams, and suggests methods for assessing the risks of toxic chemicals to ensure proper safety measures.
Length: Mammalian Cell Culture Hazards - 8 minutes; X-ray Diffraction Hazards - 9 minutes; Assessing Risks of Toxic Chemicals - 11 minutes.

Title: Slips, Trips and Falls: Training Timeout
Catalog Number: T55.S55 1995
Description: Falls account for almost 400,000 workplace injuries each year. This video will teach workers to be aware of potential dangers and minimize serious injury on the job. Topics include: attitude, action, awareness, identifying hazards, and minimizing improper use of equipment.
Length: 5 minutes

Title: Stop That Dose! Working Safely With Toxic Chemicals
Catalog Number: QD63.5.S34 1996
Description: Designed to help chemists and their co-workers recognize and avoid the multiple hazards associated with toxic chemicals in the laboratory. Topics include: significance of dose-response relationship, ways toxic chemicals can affect the body, importance of researching effects of chemicals before using them, key features of approved storage areas, and government mandated exposure limits for toxic chemicals.
Length: 22 minutes

Title: Student Organizations: Their Role and Responsibility in the University Community
Catalog Number: LB3607.S78 2000
Description: Includes vital information from the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System regarding: registered student organizations, student organization responsibilities, liability, mission, benefit and control, agency status, special events, alcohol, hazing, vandalism, and theft, use of university vehicles, advisors, and advisors liability issues.
Length: 26 minutes

Title: Supervisor's Legal Responsibility
Catalog Number: T55.L4 1995
Description: Describes Supervisor's personal liability associated with failure to correct known safety and health hazards.
Length: 7 minutes

Title: Supervisor Safety Responsibility
Catalog Number: T55.S24 1995
Description: Covers supervisors responsibility to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. Describes techniques supervisors can use to motivate employees to good safety habits and practices.
Length: 7 minutes

Title: Taking the Long View: Carcinogens and Related Health Hazards
Catalog Number: QD63.5.T35 1996
Description: Designed to help chemists and their co-workers recognize and avoid the multiple hazards associated with working with carcinogens. Topics include: the four basic principles for working safely with carcinogens, understanding the potential health hazards, determining if a chemical is a select "carcinogen", and how to limit exposure to carcinogens.
Length: 18 minutes

Title: Things That Burn - Flammable and Combustible Chemicals
Catalog Number: T55.3.H3T45 1995
Description: Designed to help train chemists and their co-workers to recognize and avoid multiple hazards associated with working with flammable and combustible chemicals. Topics include: flammable vs. combustible chemicals, the fire triangle, fire and spill prevention procedures, and emergency response to fire and spills.
Length: 17 minutes