SUBJECT: Waste Disposal Procedures

In an effort to continuously improve regulatory compliance, campus recycling, solid and hazardous waste programs please take the following steps if you want to dispose of any of the below listed wastes. Thanks for your cooperation.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety to arrange for pickup of wastes listed in this bulletin or any hazardous material/waste questions. 

Waste Oil: Place all used engine oil, gear oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil and tempering or quenching oils in a leak-proof, sealable non-glass container. Make sure the container is labeled "used oil".

Mercury: Mercury in switches, gauges, devices or any other source of waste liquid mercury must be recycled. Mercury should not be removed from devices/articles. Mercury must be stored in sealed packing.

Batteries: Alkaline batteries can be disposed in normal trash. All rechargeable batteries shall be recycled. Small sealed dry cell rechargeable batteries can be sent through campus mail to Environmental Health and Safety, Graff Main Hall 235. Tape terminal ends prior to shipping batteries through campus-mail.  

Waste Spray Cans: Any waste spray cans containing a flammable or combustible material must not be disposed in trash containers or dumpsters unless it is empty and all of the compressed gas is exhausted. Do not intentionally release contents of the spray can to meet this criteria.

Waste Laboratory, Studio, Process or other Chemicals: Any hazardous materials, chemicals or other similar products and their residues, by-products, contaminated equipment or clean-up supplies may have to be treated as a hazardous waste if being disposed. Contact Environmental Health and Safety to conduct a hazardous waste survey if you generate any of these materials or similar substances that are designated as wastes.

Furthermore, Campus Policy regarding hazardous materials/waste include the following declarations.

  1. Do not provide waste chemicals or similar materials to Building Custodial Staff for disposal.
  2. Do not dilute waste chemicals or similar materials and dump them in the sanitary sewer unless this is a component of a laboratory experiment.
  3. Do not accept chemicals from off-campus unless you have a demonstrated use for the materials.

UW-System policy prohibits disposal of personal items on campus property.