Worksite Evaluation

An ergonomic consultation can be done for two reasons. First it can be done in response to a worker developing a musculoskeletal disorder and requiring a restructuring of their work environment to decrease the risk of the musculoskeletal disorder worsening. A second reason is to prevent a musculoskeletal disorder. Musculoskeletal disorders are cumulative, they develop over time and in the beginning an individual may not notice that an injury is occurring because with a normal nights sleep any discomfort goes away. During an ergonomic consultation it may be discovered that a slight modification can be done to the worksite to decrease the risk of developing a musculoskeletal disorder. An ergonomic consultation involves looking at the worker, the work and the work site to identify the problem and determine the most effective method of solving it.

The Environmental Health and Safety Office can provide consultation to UW-L employees. In some cases resources or guidelines will be provided to supervisors or other appropriate personnel to evaluate the work task or station.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety to request an ergonomic evaluation of your worksite and operations.