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Environmental Studies

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Undergraduate minor

Environmental sampling

The Environmental Studies minor consists of a minimum of 24 credits from the courses listed below. The core courses are Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENV 201), Environmental Sustainability (ENV 301), Issues in Environmental Studies (ENV 303), and Integrative Seminar in Environmental Studies (ENV 496). These courses are required of all minors. Additionally, a minimum of three credits are required from each of the following areas: natural science, social science, and humanities. These requirements constitute 18 credits. Electives to fulfill the required total credits for the minor may be selected from any of the courses listed beyond the core 18 credits.

Some departments, because they offer several of their own courses for the environmental studies minor, limit the number of credits that their majors may apply to the environmental studies minor. Biology majors may not apply any biology credits toward the minor. Geography majors may apply a maximum of six credits to the minor. Health education and health promotion majors may not apply HED 335 to the minor. Sociology or Archaeology and Anthropology majors may apply a maximum of three credits to both their major and minor.

Environmental Studies Program (ENV)

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