Atmospheric Chemistry

Ammonium Salts of Malonic Acid in Water

Ammonium Malonate Structures


Malonic acid has been observed in the free troposphere and as a component of tropospheric aerosol, among other dicarboxylic acids. These aerosols can uptake ammonia, which partially or completely neutralizes the acids. Therefore, the impact of ammoniated dicarboxylic acids on the phases that can exist in aerosols at atmospheric temperatures needs investigation. To that end, the low temperature, solid/liquid phase diagrams of ammonium hydrogen malonate/water, ammonium malonate/water, and triammonium hydrogen malonate/water have been investigated with differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and infrared spectroscopy of thin films. Results show that the order of increasing solubility is: triammonium hydrogen malonate, ammonium hydrogen malonate, malonic acid, and ammonium malonate. We have also determined a hydrate may form in the ammonium malonate system and decompose below 240 K. We report water activities at the ice melting points for each system up to the respective eutectic concentrations, and find for a given mole fraction of water, increasing ammonium content leads to decreasing water activity coefficients.

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