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Investigación / Research


My research intrest are SLA, sociolinguistics and its link to language acquisition, languages in contact, testing, pedagogy and how emergent technologies aid the process of second language acquisition. Secondary research areas are research design, especifically sample size planning, syntax, phonology, and pragmatics.

Ongoing Research:

- with Beverly Hartford, Indiana University. Costa Rican Englishes: The struggle, induced by language attitudes, of an inner circle against an expanding circle variety. (To be submitted for publication Fall 2014)

- with Ken Kelly, University of Notre Dame. Analyzing Group and Individual Variation for Dichotomous Variables: A Primer on Multilevel Models in the Context of Logistic Regression with Application to Linguistics and the Social Sciences (To be submitted for Publication Spring 2014)

- with Ken Kelly and Alan Huebner, University of Notre Dame. Sample Size Planning in the context of Multi-level logistic regression: A Methodological Contribution to the Study of Individual and Group Variation. (To be submitted for Publication Fall 2014)

- A new approach to the study of the acquisition of pragmatic competence: The case of Spanish tú and usted. (To be submitted for publication Fall 2014)

- Emergent Technologies and Second Language Acquisition Facilitation (To be submitted for publication Spring 2015).

- with Thomas Donar, Emergent Technologies and the Teaching of Spanish Grammar, (To be submitted for publication Spring 2015)

Other projects and Website for the facilitation of language acquisition

- The P-E-E-R Approach to the facilitation of Second Language Acquisition. Book idea under development

- Research Methodology in (Socio)Linguistics. Book idea under development

- (with Luis Alfonso Aguilar Sánchez) Eagles of Knowledge a contextualized language acquisition facilitation application

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