Readings and Assignments – Fall 2011


LvA=The Economics of Sports, 4th ed, by Michael Leeds & Peter von Allmen, Prentice Hall, 2011.

DL=Discussion Leader: If you are one of the Discussion Leaders (DL) for the day you will be expected to volunteer responses.   


WNITW=What's New In The World Discussion Leader 



Introduction to course

Introduction to each other: SPEED DATING

   What are big issues in sports? 


Go over syllabus

    Success in the course: Give a sh**

Sports Quiz

TH Sep 8 class: wear comfortable shoes



1. Read by Sep 13: LvA Chapter 1  Purpose: Get an overview of course issues.  

SEP 8  wear comfortable shoes


WNITW= Riley M


DL=Jamal A, Eric B, Matthew B


Opportunity Costs, Absolute & Comparative Advantage


Be sure to read after class: Who is the world's greatest athlete?




1. Assignment 1: In-class DUE Sept 13 TYPED


2. Print out PowerPoint slides (6 to a page) for class on Sep 13

SEP 13


WNITW= Marvinn W


DL=Samantha C, Brandon D, Alex F


Assignments 1 Due 


Football Kickoff rule change


OC PPT last slide question

Who is the world's greatest athlete question?


MEET IN Murphy 273 (computer classroom) on Sep 15

  NOTE: If you are not in class on Thursday Sep 15, I cannot answer your questions concerning Empirical Assignment 1.  


Demand for Labor=Marginal Revenue Product



1. Read by Sep 15: LvA Chapter 8 pp 243-244, 248-253

SEP 15  MEET IN Murphy 273 (computer classroom)




DL=Camden H, Ashley H, Matthew H


Work on Empirical Assignment 1


MEET IN Murphy 273 (computer classroom) on Sep 20










Empirical Assignment 1 DUE Beginning of class Sep 22


SEP 20 MEET IN Murphy 273 (computer classroom)




DL=Caitlin H, Matthew K, Jacob L









1. QUIZ 1 Sep 27 List of Topics & Practice Quiz

2. Empirical Assignment 1 DUE Beginning of class Sep 22

SEP 22


WNITW=Jeffrey S


DL=Jenifer L, Clint, M, Philip M


Empirical Assignment 1 DUE


Babe Ruth





1. Read by Sep 27: LvA Chapter 2 pp 13-29


2. QUIZ 1 Sep 27 

SEP 27


WNITW=Hannah S


DL=Nathan M, Nicolai M, Benedicte M


QUIZ 1 (first 45 minutes. Class afterwards.) 


Babe Ruth



1. Read by Oct 4: LvA Chapter 2 pp 29-42; Chapter 4 pp 107-124

SEP 29


WNITW=Bethany S


DL=Logan N, Lacey P, Rhett R



Practice Problems











WNITW=Rhett Reuter


DL=Bethany S, Hannah S, Jeffrey S


Pass back Empirical Assignment 1:




Pass back QUIZ 1 with ANSWERS


Related to Empirical Assignment 2

1992 NLCS, Game 7: Pirates 2 at Braves 3 F -- October 14, 1992 -- Pirates ace Doug Drabek pitches eight innings of shutout baseball, putting the Pirates three outs from the World Series. But Drabek fails to retire the first three batters in the ninth and is lifted in favor of closer Stan Belinda. After Belinda records two outs, little-used Francisco Cabrera singles to left and Sid Bream chugs home from second ahead of Barry Bonds' throw to give Atlanta the Pennant.



1. Empirical Assignment 2 DUE Beginning of class Oct 25





DL=Erik S, Aaron S, Marvinn W




Chapter 4 PPT


Chapter 9 PPT


Free Agency in MLB














1. Practice Problems Stop by my office if you have questions on any of them.

2. Read by Oct 13: LvA Chapter 4 pp 124-132; Chapter 9 pp 279-292; Chapter 10 pp 311-336

OCT 11




DL=Riley M, Jamal A, Eric B


Monopsony and Empirical Assignment 2


Who is Bill Veeck? READ Leeds pp 102-103  

     What is the weirdest or best promotion you've encountered? 


Who is Mitt Romney? READ Leeds pp 237-238




Documentaries on Race Discrimination in NFL or NBA?



1. Read by Oct 13: Chapter 10 pp 311-336


2.  Read by Oct 13:

The Sports Business as a Labor Market Laboratory, pp. 75-83.


3. QUIZ 2 Oct 18 List of Topics

OCT 13


WNITW=Benedicte M


DL=Matthew B, Samantha C, Brandon D


Salary Cap and Competitive Balance PPT








Read by Oct 18 The Sports Business as a Labor Market Laboratory, pp. 83-86.

OCT 18


WNITW=Nicolai M


DL=Alex F, Camden H, Ashley H


QUIZ 2 (First 45 minutes. Class afterwards)



1. Assignment 2: Due beginning of class Oct 25 (Remember to type) ASN 2 WORKSHEET

2. Assignment 3: Due beginning of class Oct 27.

OCT 20


No class











OCT 25


WNITW=Nathan M


DL=Matthew H, Caitlin H, Matthew K


Empirical Assignment 2 DUE Beginning of class


Assignment 2 DUE  


Assignment 4 in class



Read by Oct 27: LvA Chapter 5 pp 145-160 & 162-170.

OCT 27


WNITW=Philip M


DL=Jacob L, Jenifer L, Clint M


Assignment 3 DUE


Complete Assignment 4 in class


Competitive Balance PPT


Assignment 5   - Lorenz data






DL=Philip M, Nathan M, Nicolai M


Assignments 4 & 5 DUE  


Public Goods and Stadium Financing PPT



Pass back QUIZ 2 with ANSWERS




1. Assignment 6 part 1: DUE Beginning of class Nov 3: Repeat Asn 3 for a much earlier year (in the 1990's or earlier). Turn in hard copy of spreadsheet.


2. Have your Asn 3 and Asn 6 Part 1 Excel files available to use in class on Nov 3. That is, have the files available in your online file, and/or email them to yourselves, and/or have them on a flashdrive.


NOV 3: MEET IN CWH 216 (Computer Lab)


WNITW=Jenifer L


DL=Benedicte M, Logan N, Lacey P


Assignment 6 part 1 DUE: You will not be allowed in class unless this is done.


Asn 3 and Asn 6 Part 1 files due in class.


Assignment 6 & Assignment 7 done in class  



1. QUIZ 3 Nov 10 List of Topics and Practice Quiz










DL=Rhett R, Bethany S, Hannah S




NOTE: List of Topics changed  


Practice Problems





NOV 10


WNITW=Matthew K


DL=Jeffrey S, Erik S, Aaron S


QUIZ 3 (First 45 minutes. Class afterwards)


Public Finance and Stadium Financing




Assignment 9: Due Nov 17 beginning of class. Use the theory of MRP to support the thesis that college athletes should be paid. Support your thesis with 3-4 arguments from reliable sources, that need not be peer-reviewed journal articles.


Assignment 8: Due Nov 15 beginning of class. On the NFL Lorenz curve graph drawn on Nov 8, draw a Lorenz curve for one other sport using the links to data from Asn 5.  Show your work on how you calculated the points on the Lorenz curve.


Read the linked article by Nov 15 and SUMMARIZE the main points in your notes about the research on the Economic Impact of Sports Facilities. The Economics of Sports Facilities and Their Communities, 2000



Read by Nov 17: LvA Chapter 6; Chapter 7 pp 207-226.


NOV 15


WNITW=Caitlin H


DL=Marvinn W, Riley Moore,



Assignment 8 Due


Reading on Economic Impact due


Ch 7 Economic Impact PPT


Pass back QUIZ 3 with ANSWERS


Assignment 7 material: Indentured servitude was a popular form of labor in colonial North America.  Poor, underprivileged individuals would voluntarily provide services demanded by their “masters” in exchange for lodging, clothing, food, and other “necessities.”  However, indentured servants were not entitled to any remuneration in the form of wages or a salary.  In early America, many employers did not have the capital to provide any sort of monetary compensation for the laborers.  Hundreds of years later, the indentured servitude system persists.  Instead of calling the workers indentured servants, the NCAA calls them student athletes.  The phrase is little more than a veil for a true descriptor - indentured athletes.  Nobody forces indentured athletes to accept an athletic scholarship to perform their services for universities, major college conferences, and the NCAA, but similarly, indentured servants were not coerced into working on farms and in shops in colonial America.








NOV 17


WNITW=Matthew H


DL=Jamal A, Eric B, Matthew B



Cheating and Steroids: Game Theoretic analysis

Social Network Analysis


The NCAA: Corrupt Cartel



Assignment 9 Due

Data for Research Paper 3: Possible Topics discussed in class

     MLB data 2003

     MLB data 1991-2003 



Read by Nov 22: LvA Chapter 11





NOV 22


WNITW=Ashley H


DL=Samantha C, Brandon D, Alex F


Discuss Empirical Paper 2


Discuss Empirical Paper 3


Sales Tax


The NCAA: Corrupt Cartel



Read by Nov 29: LvA Chapter 4 pp 132-138

NOV 24


No class: Thanksgiving Break










NOV 29


WNITW=Camden H


DL=Camden H, Ashley H, Matthew H


1. Should college players be paid?

2. Review of Sales Tax and cost/benefits

3. The NCAA: Corrupt Cartel.








DL=Caitlin H, Matthew K, Jacob L


Title IX





1.Read "Public Funding of Professional Sports Stadiums" by beginning of class Dec 6, taking notes on the CVM method, and how it was applied in the Pittsburgh case and the drawbacks of this method. There will be an assignment in class on this, so please take good notes.

Read Leeds text, pp 338-340 on Title IX by Dec 6.



WNITW=Brandon D


DL=Jenifer L, Clint, M, Philip M


Send me your favs:


Public Funding/CVM article reading due for discussion


Title IX PPT




1. Read:


2. Read:





WNITW=Samantha C


DL=Nathan M, Nicolai M, Benedicte M


Review for final: List of Topics and Practice Quiz for the topics covered since Quiz 3


View Favorite sports clips


Written Course Evaluations


1st play in overtime

Marshawn Lynch Beastmode


He chips at 1:10 in the video, a video from a soccer game from champions league in 2002. Very cool :) 

immaculate reception

Rodgers to Jennings :)

Torrey Smith game winner

Randall Cobb kick return

We want the ball and were gonna score.

Best Coaching Rants EVER!





DEC 13


WNITW=Matthew B


DL=Logan N, Lacey P, Rhett R


Last day of classes






Finals schedule:

 7:45-9:45 on Monday Dec 19 in classroom


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