Module 7: Survey Design

Lecture Slides


Required: Zikmund Chapter 15

Recommended: Nicholls, M. E. R., Orr, C. A., Okubo, M., & Loftus, A. (2006). Satisfaction Guaranteed: The Effect of Spatial Biases on Responses to Likert Scales. Psychological Science, 17(12), 1027-1028. [pdf]

Recommended: Clarke, P. M., Fiebig, D. G., & Gerdtham, U. G. (2008). Optimal recall length in survey design. Journal of Health Economics, 27(5), 1275-1284. [pdf]


Assignment #2 [docx] [answers]

Survey Design

Group Survey Design assignment [docx]

My past comments and suggestions [doc]

Survey Examples

Push Polling Examples from local [Democrat] [Republican]

Bad: NRA Survey [pdf]; The Gap [pdf]

Good: Trucking Survey [pdf]

Qualtrics Module [login]