Module: Qualtrics

Qualtrics [login] [help videos]

Getting Started [docx] [video]

Questionnaire Design and Distribution basics with how to send reminders [docx]

How to "share" your survey to collaborate (share it with me as well) [video]

Creating questions.

How to create a matrix question [video]

Writing an open ended numeric question in Qualtrics [video]

Inserting Javascript to eliminate default zeros in constant sum question [link]

How to renumber/re-label your survey questions [video]

How to code/recode response categories [video]

More on Creating Panels and Survey Distribution [docx]

upload a panel [video]

distributing the survey with Qualtrics mailer [video

sending a reminder [video]

Downloading/Dumping the Data [docx] and [video] general instructions here

Creating/exporting a codebook for your final report. [video]

Creating a report with greater control over design of report [video]