Module : SPSS


Selecting appropriate bivariate statistics. [docx]

Reading statistical output. [docx]

SPSS commands [pdf]

Videos and Help

Descriptive Univariate Statistics

categorical [video] Counts, Frequency, Relative Frequency, Percentages

continuous [video] Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Range, Skewness and Kurtosis

Descriptive Bivariate Statistics

categorical/categorical [video] Crosstabs, Two Way Freq tables, Bivariate Distribution

continuous/categorical [video] Means, Median, etc BY groups of categorical variable.

continuous/continuous [video] Pearson correlation Coefficient

Inferential Univariate Statistics

categorical [video] One Sample T Test of proportion

continuous [video] One Sample T Test of mean

Inferential Bivariate Statistics

categorical/categorical [video] Chi-squared Test of Independence

categorical/continuous [video] Independent Samples T-Test

continuous/continuous [video] T Test of Correlation Coefficient

Miscellaneous SPSS Videos

Recoding [video] Converting data from one coding framework to another.

Relabeling [video] Assigning new descriptions to existing data/codes

Creating new variable, compute new variable [video]

Assigning missing [video] Excluding observations of DK, NA, NAP from analysis


SPSS online book [html]

SPSS tutorials and videos

Resources at UCLA