ECO 301 - Money and Banking






A quick guide to printing Power Point Slides

The Financial Markets Center

Central Banking Resources

Bank for International Settlements List of Central Banks

PACIFIC  Source for exchange rate data

Avoiding Plagiarism

Animated yield curve

Check clearing efficiency and 9/11



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Advice on class

College is a job, and a full time one at that.  For every hour you spend in class, you are expected to spend at least 2 hours outside of class, studying and reading.  That means that someone taking 15 credits, will spend 15 hours in class and 30 hours outside of class, for a total of 45 hours.  That’s no doubt less time per week than you’ll spend in your first job, so get used to it.  There is still plenty of time to party and even hold down a part time job (in fact there are 123 hours remaining for anyone counting).  As for jobs, I understand some of you work, and even take other classes, but please understand, that you made those choices, not me.  If you can’t commit the required time to this class either drop now or be prepared to suffer the consequences on your grade.  It is your tradeoff to make, so make it, and handle the consequences like an adult.

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