ECO 307 Econometrics

Syllabus Programming and Data Management SPSS
Presentations, Slides and Note
Introduction [presentation][slides][notes]
Data Types, Visualization, Bivariate Statistics [presentation][slides][notes]
Regression Analysis [presentation][slides][notes]
Hypothesis Testing [presentation][slides][notes]
Model Specification [presentation][slides][notes]
Multicollinearity [presentation][slides][notes]
Serial Correlation [presentation][slides][notes]
Heteroskedasticity [presentation][slides][notes]
Freakonomics [slides]
Handouts Homework
Studenmund Chapter 1 [pdf] Homework 1 [questions][answers][syntax]
Vellman 1993 [pdf] Data cll-prog.sav [cll-pro.sps][cll paper]
Semester Project Guide [poster guide] Homework 2 [questions][answers][syntax]
Sample Data: Demo.sav Exer.sav Exer.sav codebook [pdf] Data [height-weight]
DeMaris (2004) data Homework 3 [questions][answers]
Descriptive Stats Practice Problems [Answers] Homework 4 [questions][answers]
Inferential Statistics Practice Problems [Answers] Data [chick6]
Writing SPSS Syntax Homework 5 [questions][answers]
SPSS Commands Homework 6 [questions][answers]
Literature Review [some web guidelines] Data [defend9]
Excellent Annotated Research Paper [pdf] Practice Problems [questions][data]
Peer Review Sheet  
Writing Critique  
Useful Links
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Data Sources and Visualization
   Many Eyes
   Google Trends

A Good Link to Data Sources
The General Social Survey
Statistical Packages

Useful webpage of SPSS Syntax

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