Module 4: Physicians and Nurses

Lecture Slides

Physicians and Nurses

Physician Agency


Required: Santerre, R. E., & Neun, S. P. chapter 12

Required: Johnson-Lans chapter 6 & 7.

Recommended: Gruber, J., & Rodriguez, D. (2007). How Much Uncompensated Care do Doctors Provide? National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper Series, No. 13585.

Recommended: McGuire, T. G. (2000). Physician Agency. In A. J. Culyer & J. P. Newhouse (Eds.), Handbook of Health Economics (Vol. 17, pp. 461-536).

Recommended: Shafrin, J. (2008). Operating on Commission: How Physician Financial Incentives affect Surgery Rates.





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