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Cycling News Wondering about the Euro scene? Look no further.
Bicycling Magazine
Pez Cycling News
Daily Peloton

Cyclingfans Your source for live coverage of Euro races

Regional Associations and Race Websites

Wisconsin Cycling Association WCA web page

Minnesota Cycling Federation

Tour of Americas Dairyland

Super Week

Wisport Wisconsin's citizen racing organization

Bombay Bicycle Club

Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference

North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference

American Cycling Association Colorado's (and parts west) main Association

Cycling in La Crosse

The La Crosse Fitness Festival

Driftless Region Bicycle Coalition

Human Power Trails

Labor day bicycle fest

Madcross Madison and Midwest Cyclocross

WORS Wisconsin Off Road Series

Be Active Be Happy La Crosse area ride board My Team's Page