Current Research

Adult Entertainment/Sex Related


"In Da Club: An Econometric Analysis of Strip Club Patrons". November 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]

"The Wage Effects of Municipal Ordinances:  An Application to the Wages of Exotic Dancers" with Keith Sherony. March 2006. [Abstract] [PDF]

"Extramarital Sex: Closing the Gender Gap" with Kristen Monaco. March 2009 [Abstract] [PDF]

"An Econometric Estimate of the Size of the Pornography Industry". October 2006. [Abstract] [PDF]

"An Economic Analysis of the Secondary Effects Doctrine". 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]

Pedagogically Oriented

"Disappointment and Expectations: Student Grade Expectations and Student Evaluations of Instructors" with Kathryn Birkeland and John Nunely. 2010. [Abstract] [PDF]

"A Demonstration of the Gains From Trade: Easter Basket Exchange". 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]

"Returns to Different Learning Styles: Evidence from A Microeconomics Course" with Wahhab Khandker. 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]

Applied Time Series

"The Asian Currency Crisis And Bilateral Trade Elasticities". 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]

"Political Instability and the Real Exchange Rate" with Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee. 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]


"The Neighborhood Effect of Concentrated Sheriff Sales on Adjacent Property Values" with Russ Kashian and Matt Kures. 2010. [Abstract] [PDF]

"Small Banks and Relationship Lending" with Sumit Agarwal. 2007. [Abstract] [PDF]

Current Research Interests
Well now that I have tenure I'll be starting a new research agenda.  Though I will continue to do research in the areas mentioned below I am undertaking a long term study of the Adult Entertainment Industry.

My research interests are constantly changing, but most recently I am interested in student learning, and the impact of different pedagogies on students learning, their grades, and their evaluation of instructors.  I continue to do research on exchange rates.

My previous research interests can be divided into two major categories. The first category involves the application of new time series methods to old and new problems.  I am particularly interested in the consequences of non-stationary data.  The second category I'm interested in involves U.S. monetary policy, in particular the discussion of policy rules vs. discretion, and how we might determine the optimal policy rule.

My google scholar References are here.

A beginning reference list for exotic dancing can be found here.

Grade Inflation

REED database Economic education database of articles

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