Some excellent links for those of you interested in English and composition studies:

For information about writing and about the Modern Language Association:
MLA Web page
Documenting Electronic Sources
Resources for the Study of Rhetoric
Inkspot, a resource for writers
Online Writing Center
Grammar and Editing Tips
Writing and Editing Handouts

For information about American literature:
A Timeline of American Literature, Pre-1620-1920
A Collection of American Authors Web Pages
Movements and Genres in American Lit
The Salem Witch Trials,  Cotton Mather
Native American Oral Literature
Eng 202 Links (literary links for 1870-present)

Author Information on the Web
Nathaniel Hawthorne
James Fenimore Cooper
Thomas Jefferson
Edgar Allan Poe
Phillis Wheatley
Washington Irving
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Benjamin Franklin
Frederick Douglass
Anne Bradstreet
Toni Morrison