Something to Read?

My favorite pasttime is, and has been for as long as anyone in my family can remember, reading. Although I've read a bit of everything, I prefer novels and short stories. I try to read widely from current fiction as well as older "classics."  Because I read so much, people sometimes ask for my recommendations for "a good book."  I thought I'd compile a list to add to this site, and I'll continue to add titles as I think of them. This list has no logical organization, growing out of my subjective memory. Once I've read a book that I enjoyed, I tend to immediately devour all of that author's available books and then grumble that they haven't written any more, so many of these authors have several titles listed with their names. I've included only the books of theirs that I really liked. I've linked the names of authors who have websites devoted to them and their work, where I am aware of them.