Study Questions for The Scarlet Letter, Ch. 15-end:


Ch. 15


Ch. 16


Ch. 17


Ch. 18


Ch. 19


Ch. 20


Ch. 21


Ch. 22


Ch. 23

·        How does the congregation react to Dimmesdale’s election day sermon?

·        Examine the relationships between various characters: Dimmesdale and Hester, Dimmesdale and Chillingworth, Dimmesdale and Pearl. How do these characters perceive and respond to Dimmesdale’s confession? How does Dimmesdale perceive each of them?

·        How does Dimmesdale perceive himself? Does he consider himself saved or damned?

·        On the scaffold, Dimmesdale asks Hester, “Is this not better than what we dreamed of in the forest?” What difference in outlook between the two lovers does this question reveal?

·        Why does Chillingworth say, “Thou hast escaped me!”


Ch. 24


Overall questions: