Dr. Georges G. Cravins

Dr. George Cravins

Hello and welcome to my website.  This page is designed to introduce students and the general public to my work at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. It also contains necessary contact information.                      

My passion for study of the world, its peoples and their environments is rooted in my personal ancestry, that 1) stretch back to Gallic Europe via the Gaspe in Quebec in the 17th century; 2) to my ancestry in the unidentifiable indigenous peoples of North America, and 3) to my equally distant ancestry in western and/or central Africa. As a Francophone minority in a dominant Anglophone South, I became passionate about knowledge of populations. The academic threads that bonded me to geography for life began to emerge in junior high school. As some point in my development, Geography became a "natural."

The discipline of Geography involves investigating the complex relationships that exist between humans and their environment on a variety of scales. Modern academic geography, which began to take shape -- mainly in Germany -- in the 19th Century, consists of three principal "pillars," or sub-disciplines: physical geography, human-cultural geography and analytical or technical studies, such as cartography, GIS and Remote Sensing. My major focus is within the larger sub-discipline of human geography. I am particularly interested in the global distribution of peoples, their cultural attributes and characteristics, and origins. I study the identity of groups at the level of "peoples," each of which are usually characterized by an identifying language, a specific geographic space or territory, a specific and unique history, and an identifiable religious/world view.

My teaching and research interests include the study of world regions, including Europe, the Americas, Southwest Asia, India and its neighbors, Southeast Asia, and Africa. I am particularly focused on the rising power of China, and what this portends for the global strategic balance and for United States interests. My topical interests cover population geography, geopolitics, political geography, political geographic theory, and economic geography, including the processes involved in globalization and their impacts on people and the environment.

Contact Information
Dr. Georges G. Cravins
Professor of Geography
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
2015 Cowley Hall
La Crosse, WI. 54642
Phone: 608-785-6674; Email: gcravins@uwlax.edu.

Travel Notes 
In late May, 2012, I traveled to northern New England, New York, and Greater Toronto. In June, I made a fact-finding trip to Cuba, where I made connections with geography faculty at the University of Havana. In July and August, I traveled to the immortal city of Istanbul, then to Vienna, and hence to the Belarussian Republic.

On this website, you will find photos from my most recent travels. Students are encouraged to contact me if they plan to travel individually, or if they would like to join me in a study tour to Germany, Cuba, Turkey, or other important countries.