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My research interests are in organometallic chemistry.  This area is at the interface between organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry, and involves molecules and reactions not otherwise available in traditional organic or inorganic chemistry.  My research group synthesizes new organometallic molecules and uses infrared (IR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, as well as X-ray crystallography, to study their structures and reactions.  Most importantly we are interested in novel rearrangement mechanisms that may be important in catalysis, including hydroxycarbene-acyl hydride equilibria and arene-arene haptotropic rearrangements.

Recent publications:


1. Haptotropic Rearrangement in Tricarbonylchromium Complexes of 2-Aminobiphenyl and 4-Aminobiphenyl,

     Czerwinski, C. J.; Guzei, I. A.; Riggle, K. M.; Schroeder, J. R.; Spencer, L. C.  J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. 2011, 40, 9439.


2. A Methane Balloon Inflation Chamber,

     Czerwinski, C. J., Cordes, T. J. J. Chem. Ed. 2005, 82, 248.


3. (h 6-Biphenyl)tricarbonylchromium and (h 6:h 6-biphenyl)bis(tricarbonylchromium),

     Guzei, I. A.; Czerwinski, C. J. Acta Cryst. 2004, C60, m615.


4. (h 6-2-Bromo-1,1'-biphenyl)tricarbonylchromium,

     Czerwinski, C. J.; Guzei, I. A.; Cordes, T. J.; Czerwinski, K. M.; Mlodik, N. A. Acta. Cryst. 2003, C59, m499.


5. Mechanism of Insertion of Carbodiimides into the Zr-C Bonds of Zirconaaziridines.  Formation of a-Amino Amidines,

    Tunge, J. A.; Czerwinski, C. J.; Gately D. A.; Norton, J. R. Organometallics 2001, 20, 254.


6. Chelated Alkyl Halide Manganese Complexes (h 5:h 1-C5H4CH2CH2X)Mn(CO)2 from Photolysis of (h 5-C5H4CH2CH2X)Mn(CO)3,

     Casey, C. P., Czerwinski, C. J., Fraley, M. E. Inorg. Chim. Acta. 1998, 280, 316.


7. Cis Addition of Hydrogen Chloride to an Amphiphilic Carbene Complex,

     Casey, C. P.; Czerwinski, C. J.; Hayashi, R. K. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1997, 119, 5750.


8. Ring Strain Perturbation of the Equilibria between Hydroxycarbene Complexes and Metal Acyl Hydride Complexes,

     Casey, C. P.; Czerwinski, C. J.; Fusie, K. A.; Hayashi, R. K. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1997, 119, 3971.


9. Formation of a Dirhenium Carbene Complex from Reaction of (C5H4Li)Re(CO)3 with (C5H5)Re(CO)3,

     Casey, C. P.; Czerwinski, C. J.; Hayashi, R. K. Organometallics 1996, 15, 4362.


10. Equilibrium Between a Hydroxycarbene Complex and a Metal Acyl Hydride Complex,

     Casey, C. P.; Czerwinski, C. J.; Hayashi, R. K. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1995, 117, 4189.




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