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Spring 2013 Office: 425V Wimberly Hall Office Hours: 11am-Noon M/W Students! Check the Syllabus, class updates on D2L

Current: ENG 110, ENG 200, and ENG 357 (Fall 2013 includes ENG 469 Postcolonial Literature)

ENG 200 Anglophone Caribbean Literature and Culture

Name that flag. . . .                                                  "I've been accused of my mission."  ~Bob Marley~

Recent Courses 2008-12: ENG 220 Women and Popular Culture ENG 357-01 World Literatures, ENG 368 Twentieth Century British Literature, ENG 481 Seminar in Literature and Culture: Globalization and Literature

Publications include:

"Making a Mockery of Mimicry: Salman Rushdie's Shame" Postcolonial Text 4.4 (2008) [Fall 2009]

"Anonymous" and  "Stutter Step" in Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless.  Patrick T. Randolph, ed. Popcorn Press, 2009.

"Louise Bennett," "Linton Kwesi Johnson," "Mervyn Morris," "Mutabaruka,"  "Mikey Smith," and "West Indies Federation" Africa and the Americas: Culture, Politics, History Richard M. Juang and Noelle Morrissette, eds., ABC-CLIO, 2008

"On Behalf of Harry/Harriet: Teaching Michelle Cliff's No Telephone to Heaven" Radical Teacher 80 (2008)

"Caribbean Chronotopes: From Exile to Agency" Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal 2.2 (2004)

"Erosion, Noise and Hurricanes: A Review of Kamau Brathwaite's A History of the Voice: The Development of Anglophone Caribbean Poetry" Revista Mexicana del Caribe 6.12 (2001)


Presentations include:

“The Globalectics of Nationalism in Michelle Cliff’s and CLR James’ Writing,” 31st Annual West Indian Literature Conference, "Imagined Nations, 50 Years Later: Reflections on Independence and Federation in the Caribbean," Miami, October 2012

"Globalization in Literature by CLR James, Paule Marshall, and Lawrence Scott," International Conference on "New Geographies: Globalization and Postcoloniality," University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, March 2011

"Globalization and Postcolonial Studies," Invited Lectures given at The University of Trinidad and Tobago, The University of the Southern Caribbean, and The College of Science, Technology, and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, arranged by the US Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago, March 2011

“Rude Boyz Make Noise: Resistance and Empowerment in Marley, Muta, Morris, and Henzell,” College English Association 2010: Voices, San Antonio , March 2010

“Making a Mockery of Mimicry: Salman Rushdie’s Shame and the Character of Intertextuality,” William J. and Yvonne Hyde English Colloquium Series, UW-L, May 2009

 “At Home in the Jamaican Diaspora: Stuart Hall and Colin Channer,” 6th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Honolulu , 2008

“Caribbeana: Nuf Rispek,” English Department’s Fall Colloquia Series, UW-L, 2006

“Postcolonial Studies and Hakluyt’s Voyages and Discoveries,” 13th Annual Conference of the Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, San Antonio, 2005

“History and Faith in Caribbean Chronotopes: Derek Walcott and Michelle Cliff,” 22nd Annual West Indian Literature Conference, Miami , 2003

Reach Falls ” (Poem) “Festival of the Word,” at the Second Conference on Caribbean Culture, in honor of Kamau Brathwaite , Jamaica , 2002

“Forces of Exile and Agency: Caribbean Identities and Globalization Theory,” University of the West Indies Staff/Postgraduate Seminar Series , Jamaica , 2001

“Derek Walcott’s Omeros and Cultural Identity.” Ninth Annual British Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference, Savannah , Georgia , 2000


What do you see below, a scorpion, a lobster, or a string of islands?
            Road to Maracas Bay

                                                                                                       Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica. And on the road to Maracas Bay, Trinidad.


Name that Monarch

Queen Victoria

The first "Penny Black" stamp, 1840

The first person ever to be on a stamp

Penny Red, 1840

Name that Monarch

(QE II) (Wiki free photo)

Jamaican Humor

Sign Above a bus stop, Kingston, Jamaica


And lastly, something to think about.


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