Robert J. Dixon, Ph.D., NCSP






Welcome to my web page!

The pictures to the right symbolize three different periods of my life. First, the polar bears symbolize my time in Canada. Born and raised there, I also started my professional career as a school psychologist in rural Manitoba. While it wasn't up with the polar bears of Churchill, it was in the same province: Manitoba. As my family and my wife's family are still in Manitoba we can be considered frequent border crossers.


The second picture represents the west. I went back to school for my doctorate at the University of Northern Colorado. Upon completing my degree, I was employed as a school psychologist in Casper, WY for 5 years. Wyoming is also special as my wife and I welcomed our daughter into the world there. While I don't remember seeing this exact scene in either Colorado or Wyoming, I'm sure it's there to behold.


Finally, the last picture is of the lighthouse, with the beacon shining out. This represents my move back to the mid-west. While many might not see the connection, I started in academe in Superior, WI where the shipping history is rich (e.g., "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot). Duluth, MN, across the bridge, was the location my second daughter saw her first light. The move to La Crosse might reduce the significance of the lighthouse, but with the importance of the Mississippi river and my work with teaching/school psychology, I still see the the lighthouse being an important symbol for me.