ECO 120 Assignments - Spring 2012

This page links you to copies of this semester's homework problems in Word Documents.  Typically I set the margins (top/bottom, side) at 1/2 inch.  There may be cases where I hand out a "hard copy" in class because the assignment has something hand drawn on it (I'm not very adept at graphics).  So if you print this out and feel that something is missing, by all means check with me about that!

USUALLY, homework problems can be handed in anytime on the date due -  I will announce exceptions in class.  They don't need to be turned in DURING class, but that's certainly most convenient for all of us.  If you are not in class, it is your responsibility to get your assignment to me some other way on the due date: drop it in my office mailbox, drop it off during office hours, postmark it on the date due (if you are out of town).  Assignments that are late are docked points (see syllabus).  Difficulty?  Call me.

Assignment                                  Date Due