Photos of Me, My Husband Rick, "The Boys" (Easton & Kodi who passed away in April 2011) and the Newest Addition to Our Family, Dakota!

With Friends In Mexico ~ Summer 2010 With My Daughter Sarah in Boston Our First Day With Dakota ~ June 2011 With Dakota at Wheeler Lake, Colorado
Our House on Eagle Bluff, Minnesota Our Back Yard on Eagle Bluff, Minnesota With My Friend, Leticia Peña in Mexico  With Leticia Peña & Dakota in My Office
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Rick  On the Amazon River in Peru Rick  & The Dogs at Our Cabin in Colorado

Dinner in Eloise, France ~ June 2011

 Rick in Eloise, France ~ June 2011

Barra de Navidad, Mexico ~ January 2011 In Boca Raton, Florida ~ January 2008 Bargaining in Hong Kong  ~ May 2010 Sushi with Our "Adopted Hong Kong Daughter"
Dakota With Our Cat Isabella  Rick On Mt. Sheridan, Colorado Art Work by Sarah-Méora from Esprels, France With Our Best Friends from Esprels, France
Hiking on One of Our Eagle Bluff Trails Rick & The Boys an Eagle Bluff Trail Trying a Cyclo Ride in Hanoi, Vietnam Hiking in the Madison Range, Montana
Hiking in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming Columbines in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado Rick & Dakota in Uinta Mountains of Utah Hiking in the Uinta Mountains ~ August 2012

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