Advising Information

This page includes a variety of information about advising for both your time here at UWL and afterwards.

You are welcome to stop by my office during these times to discuss anything at all, especially anything pertaining to advising. For those of you who are my formally assigned "advisees" know that I can't do much for you until I get your SNAP reports which will be sometime in November during fall semesters and sometime during April in spring semesters.

In the meantime, please check the following websites for other relevant information on your academic career, your career after UW-L, and life in general.

Information about me, my teaching philosophy, some courses that I teach and my policy on recommendations:

Information about my teaching philosophy, course expectations, my approach to evaluating students, and what I have done to develop my teaching

Teaching Portfolio for ECO336, Women in the US Economy

My Policy on Letters of Recommendation


My Policy on Cell Phones in the Classroom


Resources at UWL:

Academic Advising Center


Academic Discovery Lab


Career Services


College of Business Administration at UWL: Advising Information



Resources on the Web:

Earnings of College Graduates


Occupational Outlook for Economists


College Board Economics Career Services


Some Career Advice