Current Research

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Papers Published in Refereed Journals

Forthcoming. Lisa Giddings, John M. Nunley, Alyssa Schneebaum and Joachim Zietz. "Birth Cohort and the Specialization Gap Between Same-Sex and Different Sex Couples." Demography. Final draft submitted August, 2013.

2013. Mary Patricia Byrn & Lisa Giddings. "An Empirical Analysis of the Use of the Intent Test to Determine Parentage in Assisted Reproductive Technology Cases." Houston Law Review. Vol. 50(5): 1295 - 1324.

2013. Lisa Giddings, Donna Anderson and Kathryn Birkeland. "Is it profitable to offer paid leave? A case study of the legal profession." Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues. Vol. 16(1): 73-89.

2012. "Use of Maternal Health Care in Tajikistan: A Bargaining Framework".Co-authored with Mieke Meurs (American University), Feminist Economics. Vol. 18(3): 109-140. STATA do files that create the data set and the tables in the paper.

2009. "Employee Opinion on Work-Family Benefits: Evidence from the U.S." coauthored with Donna Anderson and Kathryn Birkeland.  New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations. Vol. 34(3).

2007 “Student Comprehension of Primary Data: A Pedagogical Tool to Improve Comprehension.” Teaching Forum: A Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

2007. Co-authored with Mieke Meurs (American University) and Tilahun Temegsen (American University and The World Bank)"Changing Childcare Enrollments in Post-Socialist Central Asia: Causes and Implications." Comparative Economic Studies. Vol 49(1):  81-100.

2006.  "Decline in Preschool Use in Post-Socialist Societies: The Case of Bulgaria" co-authored with Mieke Meurs (American University). Journal of European Social Policy, Vol. 16(2): 155-166.

2004."The Commodification of Lone Mothers' Labor: A Comparison of US and German Policies" co-authored with Irene Dingeldey (Centre for Social Policy Research at Bremen University) and Susan Ulbricht (University of Leipzig). Feminist Economics, Vol. 10(2): 115-142.  

2003. "Continued Decline for Ethnic Minorities in the Transition?: Changes in Ethnic Earnings Differentials in Bulgaria, 1986, 1993 & 1997." Economics of Transition. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Vol. 11(4): 621-648.

2002. "Has the Shift Toward Markets Hurt Ethnic Minorities?: Changes in Ethnic Earnings Differentials in Bulgaria's Early Transition". International Journal of Manpower. Vol. 23(1): 9-31.

2002. "Changes in Gender Wage Differentials in Bulgaria's Transition from Plan to Mixed Market." Eastern Economic Journal. Vol. 28(4): 481-498.

1999. Co-authored with Amy N. Spiegel and Roger H. Bruning. "Using Responsive Evaluation to Evaluate a Professional Conference." American Journal of Evaluation, Vol. 20: 57-67.

1998. "Political Economy and the Construction of Gender: The Example of Housework Within Same-Sex Households." Feminist Economics. Vol. 4(2): 97 - 106.

Papers Published in Edited Volumes

2005. "The Commodification of Lone Mothers' Labor: A Comparison of US and German Policies" co-authored with Irene Dingeldey (Centre for Social Policy Research at Bremen University) and Susan Ulbricht (University of Leipzig) in The Dilemmas of Lone Motherhood, Randy Albelda, Susan Himmelwit and Jane Humphries, (Eds.). Routledge.

2003. But...Who Mows the Lawn?: The Division of Labor in Same-sex Households. In Karine S. Moe (Ed.). Women, Family, and Work: Writings on the Economics of Gender. Blackwell Publishing: Oxford, UK: 85-102.

2000. "Division of Labor." In Timothy Murphy, ed. Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies. Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers: Chicago and London.

Book Reviews

2009. Review of Welfare Transformed by Robert Cherry. Feminist Economics, Vol. 15(4).    

2009. Review of Queer Economics. Eastern Economic Journal. Vol. 35(4): 551-555.

2007. Red Riviera: Gender, Tourism, and Postsocialism on the Black Sea by Kristin Ghodsee. Feminist Economics, Vol. 13(2). c) Taylor & Francis, 2007. This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of Taylor & Francis for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in Feminist Economics, Volume 13 Issue 2, April 2007. doi:10.1080/13545700601184955 (

2004. "Review of: Inequality and Industrial Change: A Global View. Edited by James K. Galbraith and Maureen Berner." Boston: Cambridge   University Press, 2001. In the Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. 30(1): 145-147.

Working Papers

"Divorce Laws and the Marriage Earnings Premium" with John M. Nunley. Accepted for presentation at the Southern Economics Association, November 2010.

Grant Proposals Currently Under Review

Does Marriage Matter?: Household Specialization in Sex and Same-Sex Couple Households Using Difference-in-Differences Across States with Marriage and Marriage-like Laws 

Opinion Papers

My response to an article by Sally Oswalt in the La Crosse Tribune, 6 November 2003

"In Defense of Gay Marriage" on the Minnesota Public Radio Website, December 2003.

My review of The Incredibles on the Minnesota Public Radio Website, December 2004

Creative Writing

2006. "Girls Can't Marry Other Girls." Journal of Feminist Family Therapy. Vol. 18, (1/2): 163-166.