Integumentary System

Combining forms:
acanth/o: thorny, spiny
aden/o: gland
adip/o: fat
albin/o: white
alb/o: white
aut/o: self
bi/o: life
caus/o: burn
coni/o: dust
crypt/o: hidden
cutane/o: skin
dermat/o: skin
derm/o: skin
diaphor/o: profuse sweating
erythem/o: flushed, redness
fibr/o: fibrous tissue, fibers
heter/o: other
hidr/o: sweat
hist/o: tissue
histi/o: tissue
ichthy/o: dry, scaly
kerat/o: horny, hard (also describes the cornea)
leuk/o: white
lip/o: fat
melan/o: black
myc/o: fungus, mold, a type of plant
necr/o: death (cell, body)
onych/o: nail
pachy/o: thick, heavy
pil/o: hair
py/o: pus
rhytid/o: wrinkles
seb/o: sebum
ser/o: serum
squam/o: scale
staphyl/o: grapelike clusters
strept/o: twisted chains
steat/o: fat, sebum
trich/o: hair
ungu/o: nail
xanth/o: yellow
xer/o: dry

de-: lack of
epi-: on, upon, over
intra-: within
para-: beside, beyond, around
sub-: under, below

-algesia: excessive sensitivity to pain
-algia: pain
-aphia: touch
-ceros: horn
-cerus: horn
-coccus: berry shaped (form of bacterium) pl. cocci
-corn: horn
-ectomy: excision or surgical removal
-ia: diseased or abnormal state, condition of
-itis: inflammation
-malacia: softening
-opsy: to view
-orrhea: flow, excessive discharge
-phagia: eating or swallowing
-phyte: plant
-plasty: plastic or surgical repair
-tome: instrument used to cut