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Elementary Spanish II

Group A (Adamson - Ketterer): Writing Assignment, 10/8-9

Pretend you are a famous person/character, and write an 8 to12-sentence paragraph about your daily routine. Use at least four reflexive verbs and a lot of details. The subject for your message should be a list of three people/characters. Other students will guess who you are. Due date: 10/8.

Respond to at least two other students' paragraphs. Guess who they are, and write at least three more sentences with additional comments to or about the person/character. Due date: 10/9.


Elementary Spanish II

Group B (Krarup - Zellner): Conversation practice

Post a report as soon as possible after each 20-minute conversation session. List all of your reports as replies to your first report. There should be a minimum of three days between reports. The last day to post reports will be December 9. Each report should include the following information:

1. With whom did you practice? Where? When?

2. What speaking activities did you do? How did it go?

3. List four sentences in Spanish that popped up in the conversation.

(This forum is not set so that you can edit or remove messages. Please contact your instructor if this presents a problem.)


ESL U.S. Culture Today

Please read the following article for teenagers:

To find definitions for many key words in the article, click on the "Glossary," in the upper right-hand corner.

1. What advice in this article have you heard before? What advice in the article is new to you?

2. Please comment on experiences you or people you know have had in relationship to this article.

3. Read another section of the "I Wanna Know" Web site (not including the glossary). In what way(s) is the information or approach to the topic similar or different from what you would expect to find in your country? (Is there anything about this site that strikes you as very "American" in its approach?)

4. Find another Web site related to topics from the "I Wanna Know" site. List the complete URL (e.g., and mark the "Plain text" box at the bottom of your message. Write four or five sentences about the focus of the Web site and how it is different from the "I Wanna Know" site.


3. External Links, samples

Spanish 102:

a. Mosaicos, Official Web Site ( )

b. Mosaicos Workbook Answers (

c. Self-check grammar exercises (

These exercises are coordinated with the "Puntos de partida" text.

d. Spanish/English Dictionary (

e. Verb Con-jugador (

f. Multi-language dictionaries (

g. Mayan Culture (folder)


Introduction to TESOL (five folders)

(Folders 1, 2, & 5 are available on my Web site.)

1. Hmong Language and Culture

2. English Grammar Links

3. Learning Theories

4. Glossaries of TESOL terms and Dictionaries

5. Bilingual Education

4. Online assignments, sample from SPA 102

Save on photocopying. Use hotlinks for easy access to the articles.

1. On 9/18 we listed ideas about how to get your husband and children to help with housework. At least two of our ideas from class are mentioned in the Web site articles listed below.

A.) List one idea (in English) from either article that we also discussed in class on 9/18.

B.) List two additional ideas (in English) from EACH article that we did NOT discuss in class on 9/18.

You should have a total of five ideas listed in English. (You don't have to translate word for word -- just write the gist for each idea.)

"Familia y Hogar." Scroll down to the section "como educar a su marido." ;

"Mujer en Armonia" ;


Read the excerpt from Sammy Sosa's autobiography and answer the following questions:

párrafos (paragraphs) 1 - 2:

1. ¿Dónde vive Sammy durante el invierno?

2. ¿Con qué frecuencia sale Sammy de la casa para practicar el beisbol?

3. ¿Cuándo sale Sammy de casa para practicarlo?

4. ¿Con quiénes juega Sammy al beisbol durante la temporada (season) de beisbol?

párrafos 5 - 7:

5. ¿Cómo se llama la madre de Sammy?

6. ¿De dónde es Sammy? (De que ciudad es?)

7. ¿Quiénes son otros jugadores famosos de esta ciudad?

5. Online Quizzes

Fill in the blank, matching, multiple choice, ordering, short answer/essay, true/false, question pool.

6. Grade Report

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